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Why Does My Vape Battery Get Hot?

August 08, 2022

After switching to vaping, one of the first things that will catch your attention is that your vape battery can sometimes get hot. The heat sends a vapor stream to the mouthpiece, which you inhale.

Depending on your vaping style, e-cig batteries getting hot can be part of the normal vape experience. However, it could also indicate something’s wrong with your mod, atomizer, or battery.

How can you tell? No need to panic. Keep reading to learn what to do when your device warms up more than usual.

When a Hot Vape Battery is Normal

A black and white photo of a man blowing clouds of vapor.

Vaping a lot in a short time can make your vape coil and battery heat up more than usual. 

If you’ve been chain-vaping or using your mod a lot in a short span of time, the vape battery will heat up more than usual. This is because the battery is releasing energy to power your puffs. Not a cause of concern, but it can serve as a sign to pause for a while. 

Expect to feel the warmth spread through most of your mod components, including the vape coil. Most vapes use materials that resist heat but don't block it completely. So don’t be alarmed when your device gets warm to the touch. 

The environment can also play a role in making a vape battery run hot during normal use. If your mod is exposed to direct sunlight or sources of heat like a PC or laptop, expect it to heat up fast. 

Your vape battery will also heat up when it’s being charged. This is a typical occurrence — in the same way your phone gets a little warm when plugged in. 

When a Hot Vape Battery is a Bad Sign

A red vape battery lies next to a mod.

If your vaping device gets too hot for you to even touch, it’s a sign of damage.

If the vape battery warms up to the point that the mod is too hot to hold, there's definitely an issue. Thankfully, modern vapes (especially the regulated types) have all sorts of built-in protections to make sure you're safe. 

Atomizer issues can also force your battery to work harder. That means it'll pump out more energy and get hot. 

A damaged or faulty vape battery can also heat up quickly. Remember, e-cig batteries have a definite lifespan. Over time, their health will drop until they can barely hold a charge. 

What to Do If Your Vape Battery is Overheating

A vape atomizer produces vapor.

Look out for these causes of excessive heat from your vape battery.

If you're feeling too much heat from your vape battery, stop using the mod just to be sure. When it cools down, check these components: 

The atomizer

A build-up of dried vape juice can interfere with proper operation. Make sure that your atomizer is clean. If your coils are bent or your wick needs replacing, go to a nearby vape store and get it fixed.

The battery

Keep in mind the average charging time of your device. By doing so, you can tell when the vape battery needs replacement. Replace it immediately if you notice any damage to the battery or when the power doesn't last as long as it used to.

The terminals

These components are responsible for properly transferring power from the battery to the atomizer. See if any e-juice leaks or obstructions are getting in the way of the connection. Remember to check both the terminals in contact with the battery (for removable-battery mods) and the terminals connected to the atomizer. 

Avoid the Stress

Three RELX vapes stand in front of a white and blue background.

Choosing disposable pods can help you avoid many issues.

You can't entirely avoid the risk of overheating the vape battery. However, choosing the right vape can go a long way in helping you avoid many of the issues which can cause this. 

Since the atomizer can be the source of a lot of trouble if you neglect its maintenance, you could choose a vape with disposable pods that lets you skip the problems. Choosing a reliable vape from a trusted manufacturer will also keep the stress at bay.  

Any vaping device from RELX ticks all these boxes with ease. You can choose from the elegant Artisan line, the sleek Infinity models, and the classic Essential versions. Use the RELX charging case to extend your vape battery use without the hassle of cables.

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