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Things You Must Know About Vape Batteries

May 24, 2022

Simply put, vape batteries are the heart of your vaping experience. Without going into unnecessary details, they store and release the power that the atomizer uses to transform vape juice into glorious clouds of vapor. 

This component isn’t the same across all vape units. There are variations in terms of type, capacity, and configuration, although this might be a detail that would concern the more hard-core vapers. 

The most important thing, and the one that you absolutely must remember, is this: Without charge in your vape batteries, you won’t be able to vape.

Silver and blue RELX vapes lie on a textured background.

Depending on your vape, you may have a built-in or removable battery. 

Configuration of Vape Batteries

All pen-type vapes have built-in batteries, because even the smallest of the standard batteries tend to be too big for their slim housings. Not to worry, though, because modern pen vapes are optimized to perform well without needing a lot of power. 

One consideration of these built-in vape batteries is that recharging is your only option when it’s low on energy. Can you puff while powering up? It depends on what the manufacturer recommends, so check the manual first. 

Such batteries use lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology, which is also used in today’s smartphones, laptops and other portable electronics. This is a mature technology, which means that it has been proven to be pretty safe and reliable. 

Removable batteries, on the other hand, come in a handful of standard sizes. These range from the near-universal 18650 to the massive 21700 (with several stops in between), but all use Li-ion technology like their built-in counterparts. 

Removable batteries allow you to quickly swap out a spent battery for a fresh one. This can be quite useful since such batteries are often used in large and power-hungry units that can easily reach 150W of power or even more. 

Is there a best vape battery? Given the maturity and universal use of Li-ion technology, performance across brands doesn’t really differ that much. Of course, this won’t even be a consideration if you use a vape pen, since you’ll just have to deal with what the manufacturer has put in the device.

Four vape batteries lie in a charger.

The vape battery capacity and your usage determine how long you can go before recharging.

How Long Vape Batteries Last

There isn’t any standard for the size of built-in vape batteries, and so the capacity (which determines how long you can go in before needing to plug it in) varies too. 

You wouldn’t be able to use an older vape pen for more than half the day before its battery gets low. Current models, however, can usually handle at least 1 full day with ease. The RELX Infinity line, for example, can often last well over 1 day with regular use, and even longer if you’re not vaping heavily. 

For removable vape batteries, both capacity and performance can vary between brands. That’s why there are certain models which are preferred for regulated and for full-mechanical vapes. 

A fresh battery can usually last at least a day, but this does depend on how often you vape, and on your preferred wattage and/or temperature setting. Some heavy vapers with multi-battery regulated mods often end up going through at least 2 pairs each day.

A RELX vape lies on a wireless charging case.

Keeping your vape batteries charged is something you should always remember to do. 

Charging Your Vape Batteries

Built-in vape batteries have the edge when it comes to charging. That’s because a standard smartphone charger and a compatible cord (probably USB Type C) should be able to handle the task with ease. 

Some vape pens even have compatible wireless charging cases for added convenience. With those, you just need to slide your vape into a slot or compartment and leave it alone for as long as it takes to get enough power for use. 

For the removable type, you’ll need a dedicated vape battery charger. If you have more than one battery (and you should, to help you spread out the wear and tear more), you’ll need a charger with at least two slots. 

Some vapes that use removable batteries even come with a port that allows charging, but this isn’t recommended as a permanent method. Doing so often might damage your vape, not to mention how long it would take to fully charge even an 18650 this way. 

For both battery types, charging even before the power reaches a very low level can help maintain its health for longer. Once full, disconnect it from the power source. 

Heat is the enemy of electronic devices, and so you should never leave your batteries charging unattended. Also, don’t allow them to sit plugged in overnight, because this could accelerate their deterioration, as well as not be a safe option. 

Keeping your vape batteries in good condition helps make your vape experience a better one. If the power flows smoothly when you need it, your juice will vaporize without any issues at all. All you need to do is enjoy. 

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