This is the superior quality vape you are looking for.

If you are thinking of switching from cigarettes to vapes, RELX is here to help you...

because we know how to make vapes with superior quality.

Simple outside Assurance inside
Quality Checks
Food-grade Ingredients
Built to Last
195 Quality Checks
We check, double check, triple check and check again to ensure our products are trusted and reliable.
Quality standards are set high
Even above international standards¹
Almost zero heavy metals
Inspected down to 1/1,000,000,000²
Maximized e-liquid purity
Tested against U.S. drinking water standards³
2 million pods are expended yearly
To ensure RELX quality
Food-grade Ingredients
We only use ingredients that pass our strict safety evaluations, so you can enjoy a premium quality product.
PG - Commonly used in bread
To keep the e-liquid stable in different environments
VG - Commonly used in cakes
To give a thick sensation to vapor
Flavorings - Commonly used in foods
To bring the wonder of taste to you
Built to Last
Strong & durable products mean you don’t have to switch devices frequently.
Pods can be inserted 10,000 times
Verified with plug-in and plug-out tests
Usable for 13 years⁴
USB handles plugging and unplugging normally 5,000 times
Verified at a negative pressure of -40kPa for 4 hours
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1. Our products not only meet the highest international and domestic regulations, but also exceed the industry standards by applying even stricter quality controls. RELX products are registered as compliant with the UK TRPR, MENA EMSA and EU TPD.

2. The detection limit of heavy metals by ICP-MS can be one part per billion.

3. The level of heavy metals in RELX e-liquid such as cadmium is on par with the level of spinach and romaine lettuce in EU.

4. If it is plugged in and pulled out for recharging once a day.

Get an exclusive offer for your first device.