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Our dedicated RELX team provides local and international support to help you run a sustainable business.


WHAT are

RELX Stores exclusively sell RELX products and RELX accessories.

RELX Stores are located in many countries around the world: from Indonesia to Canada and Philippines to Ukraine.


Even before the first transaction, we provide dedicated support and resources

0 Cooperation Fees
Generous Rebates and Subsidies
Store Design Support
Furniture Support
Opening Material Support
POS System Support
Staff Training
Marketing and Promotion Support
After-sales Service Support
Store Locator (O2O Directed Traffic)

Dedicated resources to boost RELX Store business.

Professional Data Analysis & Operations Training
Priority in Product Supplies
Regular and Seasonal Marketing & Promotion Activities
Exclusive Products & Swag
Resources for New Product Launches
“My short-time target is to open 180 RELX Stores in one city! It’s doable! RELX Store is worth investing”
- CEO, Mr. Cheng
“RELX is out of our expectation. Not only the payback speed, but also the support. They provide strong support in industry education, after-sales service, location selection, almost in all aspects”
- Director of Operation, Mr. Li

Ready to open your own RELX Store?

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