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Vape Basics: Vape Coil Highlights

June 23, 2022

Out of all the things that newbies need to understand when switching to vape, the vape coil is perhaps the most important. After all, it is the part of the atomizer that heats up, turning the vape juice in the wick into the vapor that is inhaled. 

The coil also has the most potential complexity, because there are so many variables when it comes to this part, each of which can have a substantial effect on the vaping experience. 

Understanding what these variables are and what they can do to change your vape’s performance is crucial, although there’s actually an easy way to get past all these.

A vape coil in a Clapton configuration lies in an atomizer.

A vape coil can be made from many materials and construction options. 

Vape Coil Material and Construction

Among the many material options for a vape coil, metal is the overwhelming choice. Of this, there are different alloys that are commonly used. 

Stainless steel used to be the most popular type, although Kanthal (iron + chromium + aluminum) has since surpassed it in terms of preference and availability. NiChrome (nickel + chromium) is another common option, and wires made of nickel and of titanium are sometimes available as well. 

There are different configurations available for the coils as well. While you can get good results from just wrapping the wire around a suitable thin cylinder to get the shape and size that works for your atomizer, some advanced vapers prefer to go beyond the basics. 

If you do this, you may end up with configurations like the Clapton, Alien, Twisted Clapton, Fused, Juggernaut, and so many others. There are many tutorial videos you can find online that show you how to make these, although be warned: most are very difficult to create. 

Aside from metal, some vape coils are made from ceramic. However, these are hard to find, and will usually be pre-built.

A man attaches a vape coil to an atomizer.

Building a vape coil isn’t very difficult but there are things to consider.

How a Vape Coil is Built

Building a vape coil can be a relatively simple process. After picking the material and the gauge (the diameter of the wire; the higher the number, the thinner the metal), you just need to determine how big you want each loop to be, and how many loops you’ll use. 

Remember though that the distance between each loop is also a possible consideration. You can make each loop touch the next one, or leave some space between them. 

Altogether, these factors will determine the resistance of your coil. That’s very important not only because it affects your experience, but also since it absolutely must match the range of operating parameters of your mod. 

If your resistance is too low or too high, the mod may not work properly or even cause much trouble for you. An understanding of Ohm’s Law is highly recommended before you begin. 

Once you’re done making the coil, you can then install it on your atomizer, and check the resistance. You should do this on a resistance tester if you have a full-mechanical mod, but a regulated mod can safely take care of it. 

If everything’s good, you can just add the wick and start vaping.  

If you aren’t very mechanically inclined, you can just go with the basic wrapped construction, or even pick a prebuilt coil. These are available in most vape shops, and come in a variety of configurations so you can try different ones out and see which you prefer.

A red and a white RELX vape stand on a table that has colored plastic sheets.

With a pod vape, you’ll probably never have to build a vape coil.

Vape Coil for a Pod Vape

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to learn the art of making a proper vape coil, you can always start off with a pod vape. These have prebuilt coils that are already wicked, so all you need to do is pop the coil in the pod and add juice (for an open system pod). 

If you pick a closed system pod, you’ll just need to attach a new pod when you want to vape. That’s because such systems are already filled with juice for more convenience. You don’t even need to change the coil, because the pod itself is disposable. 

Want a recommendation for a closed system pod vape that gives reliable, consistent performance? You can check out the RELX Infinity and Essential lines, which are great options that offer Super Smooth performance whenever you want it. 

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