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A Vaper's Handbook On How to Blow Smoke Rings

February 28, 2024

Are you looking to impress your friends with some unique party tricks? Well, look no further! We’re here to teach you how to blow smoke rings - a skill that will definitely turn heads and have everyone asking “How did you do that?!” Not only is it easy to learn, but also super satisfying once you finally master this fascinating technique. Let's get started and learn how to blow those perfect smoke circles!


How to Make Smoke Rings?

Creating smoke rings is an enjoyable skill that can be mastered with practice. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to blow smoke rings:

Step 1: Partial Inhalation

Take a drag from your smoking device but refrain from inhaling it fully. Retain the smoke in your throat. This initial step is pivotal in generating sizable smoke rings. 

Step 2: Tongue Placement

Position your tongue at the lower part of your mouth, slightly toward the rear of your throat. This establishes a clear path for the smoke to follow. 

Step 3: Mouth Configuration

Mold your lips into the shape of an "O." Tighten your lips as though enunciating the "oooh" sound. This lip formation serves as the launching platform for your smoke rings.

Step 4: Eject the Smoke

Utilize your glottis, which is the part of your throat responsible for controlling airflow. Employ this mechanism to expel small increments of smoke. Visualize this as a series of miniature coughs or pulsations from your throat.

Step 5: Persistent Practice

Perfection in blowing smoke rings does not occur instantly. Dedicate yourself to the practice of these sequential steps until you can consistently produce well-defined smoke rings.


Speed Up Blowing Smoke Rings

Want to take your smoke ring game to the next level? Well, you can blow those rings faster, better, and more consistently. Let's find out more on how to blow big smoke rings at a quicker pace.

Step 1: Master the Basic Technique

You can't speed up if you haven't mastered the basics. Make sure you're comfortable with the basic steps of how to blow smoke rings.

Step 2: Quick Tongue Movement

Move your tongue faster. The faster you can move your tongue while maintaining control, the quicker you'll blow those rings.

Step 3: Rapid Jaw Action

Combine quick tongue movement with a rapid jut of your jaw. This adds extra speed and force to your smoke rings.

Step 4: Controlled Exhale

A controlled and quick exhale can add speed to your smoke rings without breaking their form. It's all about balance.

Step 5: Practice Consistently

Speed is great, but consistency is crucial. Practice until you can blow quick smoke rings consistently


Cool Vape Tricks for New Vapers

You've covered the essentials of how to blow smoke rings and even learned how to speed up the process. Now, let's add some flair to your vaping experience with cool tricks that are perfect for beginners.

Why Try Vape Tricks?

Vape tricks aren't just for show-offs. They're a fun way to engage with vaping culture, impress your friends, and even improve your control and technique.

Trick 1: The Ghost Inhale


The Ghost Inhale is one of the simplest tricks to start with and it's quite impressive to watch. It involves releasing a cloud of vapor and quickly snapping it back into your mouth. This trick is all about timing and control.

How to Do It

1. Inhale: Take a long drag from your vape and let the vapor sit in your mouth.

2. Release: Gently push the vapor out of your mouth in a ball-like form.

3. Inhale Back: Quickly inhale the vapor cloud back into your mouth.


Trick 2: The Dragon


The Dragon makes you look like a mythical creature that's breathing fire, except it's vapor. It's a visually striking trick where you exhale vapor from your nose and mouth simultaneously, creating a dragon-like effect.

How to Do It

1. Inhale: Take a deep drag from your vape but don't inhale it into your lungs.

2. Exhale: Release the vapor through your nose and both sides of your mouth at the same time.


Trick 3: The Waterfall


The Waterfall is a mesmerizing trick that turns your vapor into a heavy, flowing waterfall. It's a bit more involved than the other tricks but well worth the effort for the visual spectacle it creates.

How to Do It

1. Prepare: Fill a bottle with a small amount of water and freeze it.

2. Inhale: Take a drag from your vape.

3. Exhale: Blow the vapor into the frozen bottle.

4. Pour: Turn the bottle upside down to release a vapor waterfall.


Trick 4: The Tornado


The Tornado is a trick that turns your vapor into a spinning vortex. It's a fantastic way to show off your control over vapor and it's surprisingly easy to learn. All you need is a flat surface and some quick hand movements.

How to Do It

1. Prepare: Find a flat surface like a table.

2. Inhale: Take a drag from your vape.

3. Exhale: Blow the vapor onto the table in a thick cloud.

4. Hand Movement: Use your hand to quickly swipe through the cloud, creating a tornado effect.


Why Can't I Blow Smoke Rings?

You've tried and tried, but those elusive smoke rings just aren't forming. It's frustrating, especially when you see others doing it effortlessly. Don't worry; you're not alone. Let's troubleshoot some common issues that might be holding you back to master how to blow smoke rings.

Lack of Proper Technique

The most common reason people fail at blowing smoke rings is improper technique. From the way you inhale to how you shape your mouth, each step is crucial. Adding a spin to your exhaled smoke rings will significantly prolong their stability compared to rings exhaled without any spin.

Poor Quality Smoke or Vapor

The quality of your smoke or vapor can make or break your ability to blow smoke rings. Thin smoke won't have the density to form rings.

How to Fix It

● Quality Matters: Use a reliable smoke or vape source. If you're vaping, consider a high-quality vape like the RELX Infinity 2 Device for dependable power and smooth mouthfeel.

● Check Your Settings: If you're using a vape, ensure it's set to produce thicker vapor.

Environmental Factors

Wind or even a slight breeze can disrupt your smoke rings. The environment plays a significant role in how to blow smoke rings with vape or any other source.

How to Fix It

● Find a Calm Space: Make sure you're in an environment free from drafts or wind.

● Control Airflow: Close windows and doors to control the airflow in the room.

Lack of Practice

Like any skill, blowing smoke rings requires practice. You can't expect to get it right immediately.

How to Fix It

● Consistent Practice: The key to mastering how to blow vape smoke rings is consistent practice.

● Learn from Others: Watch videos or ask friends for tips to improve your technique.

Quick Recap

● Technique: Review and practice.

● Quality: Opt for dense smoke or vapor.

● Environment: Control your surroundings.

● Practice: Consistency is key.



In conclusion, how to blow smoke rings is not only a testament to your vaping finesse but also a delightful way to engage with vaping culture and amaze your friends. By mastering the techniques described in this guide, such as creating mesmerizing smoke rings and executing cool vape tricks, you're not only entertaining but also improving your control and technique. Remember, with dedication, patience, and the right techniques, you'll soon be impressing everyone with your mesmerizing vape skills, turning your vape sessions into truly extraordinary experiences.



Can I blow smoke rings without inhaling?

Yes, it's possible to blow smoke rings without inhaling. In fact, many people prefer this method as it reduces the amount of smoke or vapor that enters the lungs. The technique involves drawing the smoke or vapor into your mouth and using your tongue and throat muscles to shape and propel the rings. This method is often considered safer and is especially popular among those who are new to smoking or vaping.

Is it hard to blow smoke rings?

No, blowing smoke rings becomes much easier with consistent practice. When you apply the right technique and have the appropriate tools, you'll discover that it's not as challenging as it may initially appear.

How to do vape tricks for beginners?

Vape tricks for beginners usually start with simpler techniques like the Ghost Inhale or the Dragon before progressing to more complex tricks like the Jellyfish or the Bending Rings. The key to mastering these tricks is to understand the mechanics behind each one and to practice regularly. It's also beneficial to watch tutorials or seek advice from more experienced vapers. Just like with blowing smoke rings, the quality of your vape and the settings you use can significantly impact your ability to perform these tricks. Therefore, investing in a reliable vape can go a long way in enhancing your experience.

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