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Why Are Small E-Cigs So Popular?

March 08, 2022

As the vape industry continues to innovate, more and more people are turning to e-cigs as an alternative to cigarettes. Millennials worldwide have decided to ditch their cigarettes for a no smoke journey due to a multitude of reasons from their well-being, outside pressures of loved ones, finances, to just simply not smelling like an ashtray 24/7. In recent years, however, while vape technology has radically evolved, vapers (both experienced and first-timers) have chosen to buy smaller, compact e-cigs. This, in turn, may raise the question of why there’s been a rise in popularity. What’s the difference?

There are numerous explanations for this preference, despite the overwhelming amount of vape options currently on the market. And if you’ve been thinking about making the switch yourself, keep scrolling to learn more.

Simplicity and No-Hassle Use

Open pod system devices are the go-to for vapers who want the option to customize. You’re able to buy different bits and pieces to add to or replace on your vape. However, the benefits of these modifications come with more complexity and the little tweaks can change the way your vape works altogether. Background knowledge on your device will help but when it starts to feel like a chore, just know that there are other more convenient alternatives. 

Small e-cigs like the RELX Infinity and RELX Essential lines are simple, straightforward, and more user-friendly. A quick charge and a pod change sums up the maintenance required for these closed pod systems. They eliminate the need for e-juice refills, leaving your fingers and surface gunk-free. Another plus with the RELX designs is a leak-resistant maze, avoiding the occasional spill in your pocket or bag when using an open pod system.


Both open and closed pod systems are a bang for your buck in comparison to cigarettes, especially if you’re a heavy smoker trying to quit. With self-control established, the switch should leave more pesos in the bank and allow you to enjoy other opportunities in the long run.  

With the help of small e-cigs, the RELX Infinity specifically, you’ll be able to lessen your vaping habits with its programmed Smart Pace Vibration Alert–where the vape vibrates after taking fifteen puffs within a fifteen minute time frame. What’s better than a vape that reminds you to relax (pun intended)?

Thoughtfully Designed

Product shot of RELX Infinity vape and on-the-go charger.

Subtle but sleek, small e-cigs can easily be carried while on the move.

Vapers who prefer small e-cigs are not only attracted to its simplicity but how it looks aesthetically. Most vapes of the same size are perfect for sliding into your back pocket, making it easy to bring anywhere. They have a sleek, effortless look, unlike bulky open pod systems. 

Despite its petite dimensions, durability is another strong suit. The RELX Infinity, in particular, is long-lasting against daily wear and tear as it’s made of aluminum alloy. Awarded as the Red Dot Winner of 2020, the vape also comes in various colors and has an ergonomic mouthpiece design, making it the perfect product for starting your no smoke journey.  

Additionally, the RELX Infinity has a slim-fit, travel-friendly charging case, getting rid of the hassle of bringing a power bank or finding an outlet to power up your vape while on the move.

Various Flavors and Full Puffs

Lastly, going small doesn’t mean you’ll be losing flavors or maximum vapor production–it’s actually the opposite. Choosing a closed pod system also alleviates problems like the back-spits of e-juice, funky tasting vapor, unpleasant smells and the constant fiddling and trial and error that you’d encounter with open pod systems.  

Small, closed pod systems save you from preparing your own e-juice, but flavor options ultimately depend on what device you purchase. Buying a RELX Infinity or RELX Essential comes with a large selection of flavors from tobacco, menthol, and fruits, to drinks and desserts. All are made to be full-bodied, making your no smoke journey a super smooth one.  

Discreet yet effective, these reasons are enough for vapers to make the #SwitchToSmooth. What are you waiting for?

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