Revive Your Disposable Vape: Tips for Unburning and Avoiding Burnt Hits

Revive Your Disposable Vape: Tips for Unburning and Avoiding Burnt Hits

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how to unburn a disposable vape

The use of disposable vapes is nowadays taking the world by storm. They’re easier to use and hassle-free. In several countries, such as the United Kingdom, the preference for these vapes sees a trend of increase among the youth, similar to those in other parts of the globe. 

However, the fun of vaping with these disposable devices should depend on their capabilities and the vaper's habits. For instance, continuing to vape even after you get a dry hit results in burnt hits, which you don’t want to encounter. The secret to optimal performance from your vape is proper maintenance.

Proper maintenance is important to ensure the longevity of your disposable vape and a better vaping experience. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to tell if a disposable vape is burnt, how to unburn a disposable vape and more. Read on. 

How to Tell if Your Disposable Vape is Burnt

Don’t worry, because you won’t get burnt hits just out of nowhere or without reason. There are tell-tale signs that your disposable vape is burnt. Here they are.

Taste and Flavor Changes

If the taste suddenly becomes bitter and harsh, irritating your throat and lungs, your disposable vape is most probably already burnt. This happens due to the coil overheating and burning the wick inside. 

Reduced Vapor Production

Another way to tell if a disposable vape is burnt is when the vapor produced has dwindled. A burned coil is incapable of efficiently heating up and thus lacks the power to produce sufficient vapor. 

Unusual Sounds or Sensations

Hearing a gurgling sound when you take the next puff from your device is a sign of a burnt coil. The culprit here is the e-liquid pooling in the device’s coil, producing this unusual sound since the wick can’t absorb it. 

Common Causes of Burnt Hits in Disposable Vapes

how to tell if a disposable vape is burnt

There are three major causes of burnt hits: chain vaping, low levels of e-liquid, and malfunctioning coils or wicks. 

Chain Vaping

If you take several puffs in a row, one after the after, this will, of course, quickly dry up the wick. If the taste turns like the burnt part of a barbecue, stop for a while and set aside your vape for a moment. This will let the liquid cover the wick’s dry spots. 

Low E-Liquid Levels

If your e-liquid is about to run out, this can lead to burnt hits because the heating coil lacks enough liquid to vaporize. As a result, the coil overheats and burns the wick, causing an unpleasant taste. The solution: be sure to keep track of your e-liquid level and change the vape when necessary.

Faulty Coils or Wicks

Vaping using a damaged coil or wick device will lead to burnt hits. More often than not, damaged coils or wicks cannot properly absorb nor vaporize the e-liquid. This causes the overheating of the coil, giving you a burnt hit.

Tips to Revive a Burnt Disposable Vape

If you encounter those signs and causes, know that all hope isn’t lost. Don’t throw away the device just yet. Here are tips on how to unburn a disposable vape.

Letting the Device Rest 

We know the satisfaction of vaping is hard to resist. But to avoid burnt hits, you should also let the device rest. This lets the wick fully absorb the e-liquid. Continuously vaping without breaks causes the wick to dry out. 

Gently Tapping or Shaking the Device

Sometimes, you really don’t have to overthink. It’s all about just gently tapping or shaking the device. Doing so redistributes the e-liquid, making sure the wick becomes saturated, thereby reducing the occurrence of burnt hits. 

Cleaning the Mouthpiece

Or, at times, it is also about going the extra mile. After all, you have to responsibly take care of your vaping device. Look closely inside the mouthpiece. Grab a tissue or napkin to swab it. Burnt hits also happen if the device isn’t spic and span. 

Preventing Burnt Hits: Best Practices for Disposable Vape Use

Take heed of these best practices to prevent burnt its from your disposable vape. 

Proper Puffing Technique

To avoid burnt hits, slow and steady puffs are always better than rapid and forceful ones. This keeps the wick consistently saturated with e-liquid, ensuring optimal vapor production. Additionally, take a break between puffs. This gives ample time for the coil to cool down and the wick to reabsorb your e-liquid. 

Avoiding Overheating

Too much heat also dries out the wick and degrades the liquid, causing the burnt taste. Control is everything. Use your device in moderation. 

Storing Your Device Correctly

Ensuring you’re away from burnt hits goes beyond while using the vape device. After use, be sure to store it well. The ideal environment for parking your vape is where there’s no direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Or else, the e-liquid will thin out and leak into the coil, causing a burnt taste once you vape again.

Top WAKA Disposable Vapes for a Consistent Experience

Or, sometimes, it’s also about choosing a good disposable vape. The most recommended devices today are from our brand, RELX.

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WAKA Smash disposable vape

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You’ve just learned essential insights on how to tell if a disposable vape is burnt and tips on how to unburn a disposable vape. Encountering a burnt taste can ruin your vaping satisfaction, so be sure to follow the best practices. 

For a more reliable vaping experience, we recommend that you try our WAKA products. They stand out with the features that vapers from around the world love.

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