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Vapers are Sharing Unique Ways to Take Their Pod Systems to The Next Level!

March 08, 2022

Pod systems are already possibly the most convenient form of vaping, thanks in most part to how easy they are to use. Maintaining them isn’t difficult either, as there’s not much you need to do aside from making sure that there’s enough battery and e-juice.

However, did you know that there are things you can do to take your experience to the next level? Read on to find out more.

Watch the temperature

A hand holds a wall thermometer up.

Storage at the right temperature can preserve e-juice flavor.

A big change in temperature can do a lot to change the taste of food, and this is also true for the e-juice in your pod. In particular, long exposure to high temperatures can make the flavor change, and this isn’t usually for the better. 

This is different from the heating that happens when you vape, because your e-juice was formulated to release its best flavors when vaporized. The changes that happen when you expose your pod to high temperatures for long can do weird things to the taste, like making it muted or even sour. 

This probably won’t be an issue for the pod that you already have in your vape, but if you’re the type who keeps a supply of pods in case you run out or want to switch flavors, remember to store them at room temperature in a cool and dry place (like a cabinet). 

It isn’t recommended to keep them in a very cold place such as a fridge, because you would have to watch out for condensation forming as it warms, which could interfere with proper operation when you pop it in your vape.

Be protective

A RELX vape lies in front of a charging case.

Keeping your pod system in a case prevents accidental damage.

Accidental drops may be inevitable, but you should try to avoid them as much as possible. While many pod systems are durable enough to withstand some falls, repeatedly allowing this to happen could eventually cause your unit to fail. 

Instead of slipping it into your pocket, consider keeping your vape in a dedicated carrying case instead. Aside from protecting it from falls, it could also prevent the scuffs, scratches and dents caused by your unit hitting keys, coins or even your phone. 

You may even want to use a case that doubles as a charger, which helps ensure that you’ll never experience losing power mid-puff. Many of these are still slim enough to be pocket-friendly, and look pretty stylish as well.

Keep it clean

A hand holds a grey cloth for wiping.

Cleaning your vape regularly will help it perform properly.

A clean vape is a vape that will perform at its best, day in and day out. That’s why you shouldn’t allow dirt or moisture to stay on your unit. 

Depending on what the dirt is, it could even cause lasting damage. While this could be purely cosmetic, it isn’t something that you should allow to happen if you can prevent it. 

If you see any buildup on your vape, you should wipe it off with a soft cloth right away. Try to avoid using tissue, because the fibers could tear and end up disrupting the connectors, especially in the inner parts around the terminals. 

Even if there isn’t any visible dirt, daily cleaning would be a good way to maintain your unit. You can do this at night, before you sleep, or when you wake up in the morning. A few minutes is all it takes to keep your vape looking and performing like new.

Choose a reputable brand

A colorful RELX vape lies on a bright metallic cloth.

Choosing a vape system from a good brand is always a great idea.

Of course, the most convenient way is for you to use a pod system that is sturdy, reliable and consistently gives great performance. Although there are a lot of options out there, you can do this without stress by choosing a model from a brand that is known for high-quality products. 

RELX is one of the brands that has a great reputation for its vapes, and it’s no wonder why. Whether you choose from the Infinity or Essential line, you’re guaranteed to get a unit that performs well and gives you a Super Smooth vaping experience, over and over again. 

With the wide range of colors available, you’re sure to find a vape that you love among the RELX lineup. The many pod flavors are another bonus, making it so easy to find the one that suits your sophisticated palate.

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