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Side Effects: Vaping Without Nicotine VS Smoking

July 28, 2023


In recent years, the rise of vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes has garnered significant attention. Vaping without nicotine has emerged as a potential substitute for traditional smoking, claiming to be a less harmful option. However, concerns over the safety of vaping persist, prompting a critical examination of its side effects. In this blog, we will delve into a comparison of the side effects of vaping without nicotine and cigarettes, focusing on irritation, inflammation, and toxicity. Additionally, we will explore some alternative methods to help individuals reduce their dependency on harmful substances. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are The Side Effects Of Vaping Without Nicotine?

What is in vape juice without nicotine? And what is in cigarettes? How can these ingredients affect your health? These side effects of vaping without nicotine and smoking are explained in detail below. 


Is 0 nicotine vape safe? One of the most common side effects associated with both vaping without nicotine and traditional cigarettes is irritation. Vaping involves inhaling an aerosol produced by heating a liquid, which can irritate the respiratory system, leading to symptoms such as coughing, throat irritation, and dry mouth. On the other hand, cigarettes contain a multitude of harmful chemicals, including tar and carbon monoxide, which irritate the respiratory tract and contribute to chronic conditions like chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

It is important to note that while vaping without nicotine may cause milder irritation compared to smoking, it is not entirely free from risk. The long-term consequences of inhaling various chemicals present in vape liquids remain largely unknown, making it crucial to approach vaping with caution.


Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury or harmful substances, but prolonged or excessive inflammation can lead to severe health issues. Both vaping without nicotine and smoking cigarettes can trigger inflammatory responses in the respiratory system. Vaping exposes the lungs to foreign particles, potentially leading to chronic inflammation. In comparison, smoking introduces toxins directly into the lungs, causing chronic inflammation that can contribute to conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. While the severity of inflammation may differ between vaping and smoking, any form of chronic inflammation is a serious concern.


Toxicity is a crucial aspect to consider when comparing vaping without nicotine to smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain an array of harmful chemicals, such as nicotine, tar, and arsenic, which are highly toxic to the human body. The combustion of these substances releases carcinogens that can lead to various forms of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Vaping, on the other hand, eliminates the combustion process, reducing the production of harmful carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. If you struggle to quit nicotine but aim to minimize the detrimental effects of smoking, transitioning to vaping could be a viable option. Vaping allows you to regulate nicotine intake, and by using e-liquids with lower nicotine levels like RELX Pod Sunset Paradise, which contains only 3% nicotine and comes in various flavors, you can gradually reduce your nicotine dependence. Ultimately, vaping without nicotine is a potential outcome, providing a way to distance yourself from nicotine entirely.

However, remember that even vaping liquids without nicotine contain various chemicals, flavorings, and additives that may also pose health risks.

Alternatives To Vaping

Considering the potential risks of vaping without nicotine and cigarettes, it is essential to explore alternative methods to help individuals reduce their dependence on harmful substances. Here are some alternatives worth considering:

Drinking Sparkling Water

If you can't stop smoking or vaping all at once, try drinking sparkling water. Sparkling water is also known as carbonated water, soda water, fizzy water, and water with gas. It creates bubbles in the mouth and throat, which may feel like inhaling vapor. Sparkling water stimulates the nerves used for swallowing and relieves constipation. You can drink it throughout the day, but without added artificial sweeteners or sugar.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is the simplest remedy that can keep your mouth away from vaping or smoking. Not only can chewing gum reduce your vaping or smoking habits, but it also improves your oral health. Chewing gum helps produce saliva, which neutralizes acid in the mouth and prevents enamel erosion.

Eating Sunflower Seeds

Snacking on sunflower seeds can provide a satisfying oral fixation, making it easier to resist the urge to vape or smoke. The act of cracking open the shells can also serve as a distraction. Furthermore, they pack a punch of protein, fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. So they can soothe your inflammation, calm your blood pressure, clear your cholesterol, and balance your blood sugar.

Taking Deep Breaths

Deep breathing exercises can help manage stress and anxiety, common triggers for vaping or smoking. Practicing mindfulness through deep breathing can be a valuable technique to break free from nicotine addiction. Additionally, it can also improve oxygen flow and lung capacity, which can enhance physical and mental performance.



In conclusion, the comparison between vaping without nicotine and smoking cigarettes reveals that both practices come with their set of risks and side effects. While vaping without nicotine may be considered a less harmful alternative to smoking, it is not without its potential health consequences. Irritation, inflammation, and toxicity remain valid concerns associated with vaping, urging users to exercise caution.

As the popularity of vaping continues to grow, it is essential to stay informed and be aware of the potential risks involved. Quitting smoking or vaping altogether is the most effective way to safeguard one's health. The alternatives mentioned, such as drinking sparkling water, chewing gum, eating sunflower seeds, and practicing deep breathing, can be helpful tools in overcoming nicotine addiction.

Ultimately, the choice to quit vaping or smoking lies with the individual, but the decision should be made based on thorough research and a comprehensive understanding of the potential impacts on personal health and well-being.



Are 0 Nicotine Vapes Addictive?

No, 0 nicotine vapes are not addictive. The absence of nicotine in the e-liquid means that users won't experience any addictive cravings typically associated with nicotine consumption. Nicotine is the primary addictive substance in vapes, and without it, users are unlikely to develop a physical addiction. However, it's essential to be aware that psychological habits or behaviors related to vaping may still occur, though they are not driven by the addictive properties of nicotine.

Can E-Cigarettes Without Nicotine Ease Anxiety?

E-cigarettes without nicotine may provide a temporary sense of relaxation or distraction, but their ability to ease anxiety is limited. The absence of nicotine means they lack the calming effects associated with nicotine consumption, making them less effective in alleviating anxiety compared to nicotine-containing e-cigarettes.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping?

When you quit smoking and start vaping, your circulation improves, and the levels of oxygen in your system begin to normalize. However, the transition may initially cause dizziness or lightheadedness as your brain adjusts to the increased oxygen levels, which it was not accustomed to during smoking. This effect is temporary and should subside as your body adapts to the new oxygen levels provided by vaping.



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