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Your Local Vape Shop, Just a Click Away: Buy Your Gifts Online!

October 26, 2021

Man on the phone with a coffee cup by his work desk with holiday gifts

Online vape shops have the best deal for holiday gifts 

If you’ve successfully ditched old habits and switched to vaping, congratulations are in order! You’ve taken the first step to a better you. We’re positive that you are also enjoying this new journey, benefitting from it, and feeling good in general. Do you know what would make it even better? Getting your smoker friends to join you on this crusade. 

Isn’t it convenient that the ber months are also here? It gives you the perfect excuse to get them a vaping kit as gifts without seeming too pushy to recruit them as part of your quit squad. After all, giving the gift of #NoSmoke might just be one of the most thoughtful ideas, because you care about them. Yet, the Ber months happen to also coincide with one of the busiest times. It’s that last quarter, filled with deadlines and tasks to complete before we wrap up for the new year. 

It’s a good thing then that shopping right from the comfort of your armchair is now a thing. A lot of vape shops have also gone online to become more accessible to vapers. Here’s why buying online is as good – and sometimes better – as buying in-store. 

Better Discounts 

Once upon a time, people joked about how serious bargain hunters get during festive sales. The closer they got to the holiday season, the more deals they scoured for. Some of these sale launches even resulted in long queue lines before stores were open. But little did we realize how like them we are when it comes to online shopping. Shopee fans, admit it, we know how excited you get whenever the Free Shipping or Extra Coin banners come onto your feed! We might not be lining up outside a physical store these days, but we’re setting alarms to make sure we get to use those 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12 promocodes, before time is up! 

Online vape shops are no different. In fact, certain brands offer more discounts when you purchase directly from them. Many of these shops even provide exclusive reward systems when you register on their site. If it gives you some sort of rebate based on your purchases, can you imagine how many points you’d earn if you buy gifts for five or more of your vaper friends? You might as well add to cart a present for yourself! 

Did you also notice that more vape shops offer Free Shipping, some with no minimum order at all. Yup, this makes online shopping so much more sulit. 

A-Z Product Information 

Man writing down notes from his mobile phone

Save time shopping for gifts when you shop at a vape store online 

Have you ever visited a vape shop and got floored by the sheer variety of products available? You don’t know where to begin! Naturally, you’ll depend on the shop assistant for recommendations and answers to all your questions. But often, you aren’t the only customer. So, either you’re making people wait as you compare this and that, or you’re the one waiting in line. Buying online gives you the luxury of having some time to properly compare products, reading reviews about them, and pick and choose which one gives you the better deal. On top of that, you get to be at the forefront of new and exciting product launches. These days they’re often available online first before it even hit the store. 

Also, to cater to the demand of online shoppers, many vape brand sites will also ensure complete product information is being disclosed. Typically, it will include device specs, the battery capacity, complementary accessories provided, or those for additional purchase. This gives you a 360 view of what you’re purchasing and whether it’ll be the perfect gift for your vaper friends. 

Did you know that many of these online vape shops have sections for customer reviews and FAQs within their sites? If you have any doubts or questions, this is where you click first, or you can opt to use the live chat function to speak to someone. 

Ready with All the Answers 

The most annoying thing that can happen is being 80% sure of a gift you’d like to buy but not having all your questions about the product answered. That is why most online vape shops ensure that there are a few ways for customers to contact them directly. Therefore, live chats are helpful. They are an easy way to connect with customers faster. 

RELX’s brand website provides excellent customer service. Their live chat is available in multiple languages that answer questions from buyers and users. Apart from that, they’ve also opened WeChat lines for customers, ensuring speedy responses from the team. These features mean that customers need not worry about any inquiries they might have with their device. Help is accessible right from the comfort of their home – before and after purchase. 

Did you also know that most vape brands are trained to answer inquiries via their social platforms like Instagram and Facebook? When you’re getting a gift for someone, services like these are added perks. So, if your vaper friend has any questions related to the device, a reliable representative is on the other end giving them credible answers. These make it more convenient for them as well. 

Convenience at Your Doorstep 

Man holding a RELX Infinity device and Infinity Charging Case

Enjoy more perks when you get gifts from the RELX vape shop

Some of the best parts about shopping for gifts online are that you don’t have to face traffic to get there, spend on gas, lining up to pay, especially since many of us are also starting to buy gifts, shops can get packed with people. So, online shopping is great since you can shop at your own pace without the hassle of being physically there. 

What makes a perfect gift lies in the whole experience for both the giver and the receiver. The points above are key highlights when you are buying gifts online, but for your friends who are receiving them, there are a few things they can enjoy from these sites, such as customer support and registering as members to get great perks.  

Brands like RELX are good at keeping their vapers well rewarded. They also have an online portal called RELX Club. Vapers can register their devices for an extended warranty, enjoy members-only promotions, and have the special advantage of testing out mystery flavors as part of their Insider Café program. Yup, you aren’t just buying your friends a new set of vapes but also are enrolling them into an exclusive membership. 

So, get your friends the World’s Super Smooth vape and have peace of mind shopping for gifts this holiday. The RELX Infinity and its Wireless Charging Case make the perfect gift set. Why not even throw in a festive mint-flavored pod to ring in the season?  

Happy Holidays!  

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