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White RELX Essential device on a wire bench being placed by a hand

Are E-Cigarettes Expensive? Inside Scoop on the Truth Behind Vaping

October 06, 2021

White RELX Essential device on a wire bench being placed by a hand

Little did you know that e-cigarettes give you more bang for your buck. 

It goes without saying that we are now living in an era where vaping is the norm. Gone are the days when people asked each other what the hype’s all about with these chunky devices that people are blowing clouds from. In fact, vaping has developed massively over the past decade and every day, e-cigarettes help millions of people who are looking at a better alternative.  

Although that’s true, there is also the myth that vaping is expensive, and this can be off-putting, especially for those considering making the switch. Tech devices are often marketed to look and feel expensive, no matter the size. This is because a lot of people, like product engineers, scientists, experts, and researchers, put countless hours into producing them. From product design to user experience, tech products are continuously being optimized – they are, after all, meant to provide smart solutions for people. There’s no doubt that a vape device is an advanced piece of tech and, as with all hi-tech devices in our lives, we assume it costs a bomb – even more so when it’s small but powerful. But with vaping, that’s just not the case! 

Let’s take a close look at the facts around vaping value.

E-Cigarettes Are Affordable Tech

RELX Essential Blue Glow and RELX Infinity Sky Blush being held by two girls walking in city

Learn the facts about vape when you’re making the switch. 

Let’s get nostalgic for a bit. Do you remember your first mobile phone? We’re thinking of those green LCD displays, monophonic ringtone, and the infamous ‘Snake game’ days. To be honest, we’re all now thinking of the Nokia 3310. When it was first released, in 2000, it sold for almost PHP11,000. Today, a refurbished version of the same phone only costs PHP700. In 2017, an upgraded version of the Nokia 3310 with a better battery, display, and connection costs barely a quarter of the original price. Technology develops rapidly and, with that, certain functions become obsolete, thanks to innovation. It’s the same with e-cigarettes –along with the increased popularity for vaping (link: Why vaping is popular today) comes the increased need to optimize and build better devices for vapers. 

Traditional vape mods start from PHP6000, with basic tank and battery. You may need to replace or upgrade to get a better vaping experience. Today, the much-preferred closed-pod systems start from only PHP950 – that’s equivalent to about four Starbucks Venti cups of Java Chip Frappuccino. How long does it take you to get through four of them? 

In the all-in-one closed-pod system, you don’t need to worry about replacing parts or upgrading battery power, as it is designed to deliver the best possible vaping experience with the least hassle. 

More Puffs Per Peso

Let’s grab a calculator and figure out what we’re getting compared to how much we spend. The average price of a cigarette pack is PHP150, while the average price for a cartridge pod is PHP250. However, based on average consumption, a pack of cigarettes only gives you up to 240 puffs, based on 12 puffs per cigarette, whereas a pod can give you up to 400-500 puffs.  

When you vape, you puff when you need to, and at your own pace. In contrast, once you light up a cigarette, you have to finish it or put it out. On top of that, with e-cigarettes you don’t need a lighter, or scrabble around trying to find one. This makes vaping even more ‘sulit’.

Long Lasting Durability

E-cigarettes are made to be used often, ideally withstanding daily wear and tear. Especially for new switchers in their transitioning phase, device quality and durability are imperative. You would need it to be dependable and reliable throughout your journey.  

Can you imagine how annoying it would be if you were always having to replace and re-purchase something because it was poor quality and easily broken? Hence, E-cigarettes boast the latest technological innovations and only the best materials are used in the build. Aluminum alloys are commonly the preferred material for the external casings. They are light, flexible, durable and have been proven to perform perfectly in both high and low temperatures. 

Delving deeper into these devices, internal parts used today are also superior in quality. For example, more brands today use ceramic atomizers as this material distributes the heat evenly, and that will deliver good vapor. Not only that, but brands are also continuously optimizing their pods to ensure there are no leaks when inhaling, and that the e-liquid inside is secured, delivering a full-bodied flavor, ensuring e-cigarettes are worth your money in the long run.

Worth Investing In

Six multicolored RELX Essential devices in a creative flat lay, shot from overhead view
RELX e-cigarettes are great value for newly switched vapers.

If we’re talking about value, buying any device or owning any tech often feels like an investment. How long can it last you, right? What added benefit is it providing? Is it convenient? Does it make your life easier? What little extras are you getting from it? So, like any investment, this is where we delve further into the makers of these tech. 

Brands like RELX produce durable and ergonomic vape pens that are truly worth investing in. Their devices are also engineered with their very own SuperSmoothTM technology and matched with leak resistant pods to ensure a secure and rich vaping experience. They are also the best for giving vapers those little extras we all want when we’re investing in tech. You can opt for extended warranties and even join their very own community of like-minded switchers. At the end of the day, a good investment is one that you are making for yourself – long-lasting and with a better future in mind. 

The RELX Essential and the RELX Pod Pro are priced at PHP800 and PHP250 respectively, with all the perks listed above included. For those making the switch to e-cigarettes, this is probably the most sulit device you can find on the market right now.

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