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Vapes Buying Guide: RELX Price in 2022

October 11, 2022

With the growth of online vape shops and physical stores, finding the right device for you can be overwhelming. How can you ensure you get the best RELX price at a retail store or online shop? 

No matter how big the vape space may be, RELX has continued to create lines that have stood the test of time since entering the industry. Testimonials and reviews are positive and reassuring, mentioning RELX as a helpful tool for their #nosmoke journey. 

If you’re intrigued and new to the vape community, here’s a lowdown of the updated RELX price for each vape and pod to save you the trouble of doing the research.   

The RELX Infinity  

A product shot of a gold RELX Infinity device alongside yellow, blue, and transparent glassware against a white background.

Known for being the Red Dot Winner of 2020, the RELX Infinity device is luxurious to the T. Carefully designed and engineered with precision, this vape is exceptional. It includes a leak-resistant maze for a more secure vaping experience, an ergonomically designed mouthpiece, a dual charging system, and a smart pace vibration alert (to track how often you take a puff). The rounded edges of the device make it easy to hold, and its aluminum body makes it durable.   

The RELX vape price of the Infinity is ₱1,250.00. But if you're planning to use the device often, it may be wise to snap up its slim-fit charging case, which is now 12% off, for ₱1,500.00. You'll still be able to slide it into your pocket with your vape charging, so you won't need to worry about a dead RELX while on the move.   

The RELX Essential  

A product shot of the RELX Essential line in six different colors standing up on a blue and white surface.

Known as the most affordable of the bunch, the RELX Essential device costs ₱800.00.  

Like its name, the vape contains all the essentials at an amazing RELX price. It has a leak-resistant maze and an ergonomic mouthpiece design and lives up to the super smooth experience. If you are new to vaping and aren’t sure which vape to purchase, this one is worth trying.   

Its design features subtle ridges all around, making it easy to grip the device, and comes in an array of colors — low-key shades like black, white, green, and blue to more vibrant hues such as steel blue, red, gold spark, blue glow, and neon purple. You can safely leave it in your pocket or place it in your bag without any leaks and take it with you after charging while you’re out and about.  

If you’re looking for an even better RELX price deal, you can find the RELX 1+1 Essential Starter Kit on the RELX PH website for ₱600.00. It contains one RELX Essential device in black accompanied by one pod (where you can choose between the Menthol Xtra or Fresh Red flavor).  

The RELX Artisan 

 A RELX Artisan Robin Blue laid on top of a black grand piano

This device is the latest RELX product on the market, and you won't find anything like it. The Artisan line comes in three different, striking designs: Indigo Denim, Polo Stripe, and Robin Blue. 

The vape signifies true craftsmanship, created with sophisticated artistry and materials of the highest quality. It’s the perfect companion to take with you as you travel the world due to the device’s construction from the inside out.  

The RELX Artisan line has a battery indicator, letting you know when it needs to be charged, and it only needs 40 minutes to get a full charge. Its leak-resistant maze will keep your belongings dry, even on flights.  

Wrapped in prized European leather, the timeless product is currently priced at ₱1,995.00 — a steal for those who love to look stylish and have the tendency to jet set around the globe.    

The RELX pods are compatible with the three vapes and come with a ₱300.00 price tag. Classic Tobacco, Menthol Plus, Dark Sparkle, Fresh Red, Garden’s Heart, and Tangy Purple are some of the many flavors available 

With its various flavors and appealing collection, the RELX lines are simple yet classic, possessing features you won’t find from other brands on the market. If you’re wondering where to buy a RELX vape, get on and find the best RELX price offers!

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