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5 New flavors are coming!

March 08, 2023

Do you have a trouble in picking flavor?  Here we have 5 new flavors for you. They are Blue Gems, Iced Latte, Root Brew, and Fresh Zest, as well as the Fragrant Brust. Experience a new level of vaping satisfaction with the RELX Pod.


Blue Gems

Replicating the essence of blueberries was a challenge, but after 12 rounds of blending, we were finally able to duplicate the distinct fruity aroma of blueberries, making the sweet taste delicious and fulfilling.


Beginning with a rich blueberry aroma then followed by a slightly sweet cooling sensation. The overall fruity taste is thick and rich, as if you are enjoying a satisfying mouthful of berries.

Root Brew

Relive the experience of drinking a frosty mug of root beer. A complex mix of ingredients, this cold-brewed flavor is a refined blend of vanilla sweetness with a fizzy touch of citrus, finished off with a mint cooling sensation.


Pour up a frothy glass of the good stuff: Upon taking a puff, the first taste is the signature vanilla sweetness of root beer. As the complex mixture of ingredients takes hold in the mouth, hints of lemon juice, cream and bubbles begin to take shape. Finally, a blast of icy cooling lingers down the throat, finishing the flavor with a minty fresh aftertaste. The overall sensation recreates the taste of drinking a frosty mug of root beer.

Fragrant Brust

Lychee lovers unite! Satisfy your sweet tooth with bursts of juicy lychee in your mouth, experiencing the tropical fragrance of this one-of-a-kind fruit with a refreshing icy finish.


The flavor begins with a burst of smooth sweetness, like a big bite out of a fresh little lychee. As the lush aroma touches the tongue, a cooling sensation brushes against the roof of the mouth. The entire vaping experience is most notably one of tropical sweetness, and the characteristic fragrance of juicy lychee stretches and lingers behind on every puff.

Iced Latte

Recreating the signature taste of coffee, this milky flavor also comes packed with an icy kick and a sweet touch of caramel.


A cup of cold brew coffee you drink to start the day: At first, this silky smooth flavor starts with a pronounced blast of ice. The mellow aroma of milk-infused coffee then brushes across the taste buds, with drips of caramel accenting the harmony of flavors. As the icy sensation recedes, a nutty sweetness takes center stage for the final note.

Fresh Zest

Using real lemon extract in our formula, we’ve recreated the authentic taste of fresh lemonade, finishing it off with a crisp blast of ice. The signature tartness of lemons will linger on your tongue, as the aroma of the fruit peels and zest of a juicy lemon slice invigorate all your senses.


On first breath, the fresh lemon peel scent bursts into your mouth with its classic icy balance of sweet, sour and zest. Then, the taste buds awaken as the lemon juiciness travels down your throat, leaving you feeling invigorated. Finally, a crisp finish of icy cooling accompanies the exhale, as the distinctive zest of a hand-squeezed glass of lemonade lingers on your tongue.

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