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1-Packed Pod for RELX Infinity, Infinity Plus, Infinity 2, Essential & Artisan Devices.

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Infinity 2

Compatible with RELX Infinity 2 for the adjustable feature.



Temporarily out of stock

The way you loved it. Unlike conventional e-liquid tobacco flavors, which taste flat or lack authenticity, Rich Tobacco uses concentrated extracts with refined aromatic components to present a sincere tobacco taste with rich flavor in the mid to end tone. Each flavor trait simulates the complex characteristics found in cigars, thus making the experience more robust and powerful.

The RELX Pod Pro 2 offers a harmonious blend of flavor and sensation, compatible with RELX Essential, Infinity Plus, and Artisan Devices, but specifically crafted for use with the RELX Infinity 2 Device for the adjustable feature. It is enhanced with innovative modes such as Eco mode, Smooth mode, and Boost mode. Select Eco mode for a lighter draw that conserves battery life, or opt for Smooth mode to savor a silky taste experience. For a bolder flavor and +15% larger clouds, choose Boost mode. Conveniently purchase online from the official website to replenish this delectable flavor and enjoy a secure shopping journey.


Tobacco / 5% / Tobacco x1

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