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1-Packed Pod for RELX Infinity, Infinity Plus, Infinity 2, Essential & Artisan Devices.

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Infinity 2

Compatible with RELX Infinity 2 for the adjustable feature.



Temporarily out of stock

A subtler take on the most classic taste. The light tobacco taste gently soothes your entire mouth, with a baked aroma and a pleasant hint of herbs. Slowly, the mild and smooth fragrance of tobacco goes up your nose, leaving a faint trace of sweetness behind. A fresh, clean, and cozy sensation lingers between breaths.

The RELX Pod Pro 2 offers a harmonious blend of flavor and sensation, compatible with RELX Essential, Infinity Plus, and Artisan Devices, but specifically crafted for use with the RELX Infinity 2 Device for the adjustable feature. It is enhanced with innovative modes such as Eco mode, Smooth mode, and Boost mode. Select Eco mode for a lighter draw that conserves battery life, or opt for Smooth mode to savor a silky taste experience. For a bolder flavor and +15% larger clouds, choose Boost mode. Conveniently purchase online from the official website to replenish this delectable flavor and enjoy a secure shopping journey.


Tobacco / 5% / Brightleaf Tobacco x1

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