Introducing RELX’s New Branding

Introducing RELX’s New Branding

January 16, 2023

New Year, New RELX!  Today, we want to share with you that we have a new and upgraded branding.

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A product image of the RELX Infinity device in blue against a textured blue and off-white background.

Why RELX Website is Your Go-To Vape Hub

December 23, 2022

Do you know your way around the RELX website? See the services you can access through RELXNOW Philippines. 

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A man covers his face in exasperation.

Why is My RELX Pod Not Working and Can It Be Fixed?

December 22, 2022

Why is my RELX pod not working? Find out why and learn how to keep it from happening here. 

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A man holds his chin while lost in thought.

Why is My RELX Pod Leaking? It's Time to Face the Messy Truth

December 21, 2022

Several potential causes lead to a RELX Pod leaking. Discover what they are and how you can avoid them here.

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A product shot of the RELX Infinity device in silver, gold, and black on a textured, tri-colored background.

RELX Pod Price in the Philippines: How Much Does It Cost Now?

December 20, 2022

With news on the flavor ban, vape bill, and price discrepancies, vapers are left puzzled. Read more for the low down on the new RELX Pod prices in the Philippines.

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A hand holding the RELX Infinity device in gold next to headphones and a bluetooth speaker on a white table.

RELX Not Charging Properly? Here's How to Fix It

December 19, 2022

If you’re having trouble with your RELX not charging, don’t stress! There are still ways to alleviate the problem. Read to find out more! 

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A man with glasses staring out of the window.

Is It OK to Use a Refillable RELX Pod? Here's How to Keep Your Device Pristine

December 07, 2022

If you ever encounter a refillable RELX Pod, it’s a counterfeit product. Stick to the original RELX Pod and find out why it’s the better choice. 

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A man staring at his phone in his living room.

All Your Questions About Disposable RELX, Answered

December 06, 2022

Is there such a thing as disposable RELX? Look no further because RELX Pixel is coming to the Philippines in 2023. 

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A man holding a RELX Infinity Plus device.

All New RELX Infinity Plus: A Powerful Device for Vapers

December 05, 2022

Introducing RELX Infinity Plus, the newest addition to the RELX device lineup. Find out the best features of this fifth-gen model.  

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A man stares at a laptop deep in thought.

5 Ways to Spot Fake RELX Pods and Do RELX Authentication

December 01, 2022

Beware of fake RELX Pods! To ease your mind, follow these RELX authentication tips to make sure you get high-quality goods.

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A photo of a person carrying a black RELX Essential device while closing a wooden desk drawer.

4 Best Non- Tobacco Flavors RELX Pod You Don't Want to Miss

November 29, 2022

On the lookout for a new vape pod? Read this handy guide and find the best RELX Pod flavors in the Philippines.  

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Two units of RELX Phantom on top of a table

RELX Infinity Plus (RELX Phantom) vs. Infinity - RELX Vape Device Comparison

October 18, 2022

Let’s see the head-to-head competition between RELX Infinity Plus vs. Infinity, in terms of features and specifications.

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