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Vape Parts 101: Learn What's Inside Your Devices to Get the Most Out of Your Puffs

March 14, 2022

Like many other things that we’ve become so accustomed to using, it can be easy to take your vape pen (and all of its vape parts) for granted, especially when it does what it’s supposed to without any hassle.

But did you know that there are ways to get the best performance from each of the components that make up your vape? Doing all these together will give you the best experience possible with your device, so you’re sure to consistently have a great time vaping.

The pod

A green RELX pod.
Pods contain the e-juice, wick and coil.

This is the detachable part of your vape pen, which holds the e-juice. It also contains the wick (which is usually cotton) and the coil (typically made of a metal alloy, although it may instead be ceramic). 

Together, these components form the equivalent of a tank atomizer for vapes that aren’t in a pen configuration. 

If you have a closed-system unit, you won’t find a seal that can be opened for you to add e-juice. This part is exclusive to open-system vapes, in which you can use different types of juice and swap out the wick and coil as needed. 

Keep in mind that the first few puffs from a new pod can make or break how it performs afterwards. That’s why, for open systems, you should allow the juice to fully saturate the wick first, by leaving it alone for at least 5 minutes after filling it with e-juice. Then, space out your puffs to allow the juice to flow naturally. 

If you don’t take it slow at the start, you’ll probably end up singeing the wick before it can evenly saturate. This will causes your juice to taste burned.

The terminals

A gold RELX vape with a black pod.

The terminals connect your vape to the pod and the charger.

Small but incredibly important, the terminals are the parts that allow the pod to connect to the rest of the vape. When the connection is done properly, power will be transmitted from the battery to the coil, which then heats up and vaporizes the e-juice. 

Remember to keep the terminals on both the body and the pod clean and free from any obstruction. E-juice droplets, bits of tissue and other foreign objects can weaken the connection, leading to performance issues. 

There are also terminals that allow the vape to charge its battery. These are usually found in a recessed port at the end or side of the device, and should also be kept as clean as possible. 

If you’re noticing performance issues with your vape, always check out the terminals on both the pod and the device itself. In particular, look for and remove dried e-juice, which is easy to miss and can cause malfunctions.

The body

A RELX vape lies partially buried in sand.

The vape’s body is usually made of metal or durable plastic.

This is the main component of your vape. Aside from being the thing that you hold, it also contains other essential parts. 

The body (sometimes called the housing) of a vape pen is usually made out of one of several types of plastic that can resist heat and liquid, both of which are present when you use your unit. Certain upscale models have a body that is made out of metal for added durability and better looks. 

Some vape pens, especially those which are part of an open system, tend to be on the thick side. Closed-system units are usually slimmer and easier to slip into a pocket after use. 

Remember that your vape operates best when used as designed. While adding skins or cases can help personalize the device, these can also restrict the airflow around the body, interfering with proper heat venting.

The display

 A green RELX vape with LEDs activated.

The display allows your vape to communicate with you.

This is how your vape pen communicates with you and tells you what’s going on. There are two types of displays that are commonly used. 

Of these, the first is an LED light or series of LEDs which blink, pulse or shine according to different situations. What is being communicated and how it is done depends on the specific model, so you’ll have to read the device’s manual to learn what it all means. 

The second type is a screen, which usually shows the battery percentage and wattage or temperature. Some also include a puff counter, which can be useful if you’re keeping track of your usage. 

If you see that the LEDs or the screen is malfunctioning, there may be something wrong with your device (but it may also be just a sign that the battery is low on power). It can be hard to figure out what is being communicated, so reading and understanding the manual that your vape came with is vital. 

Who knows, you even may learn about some new features that you didn’t know your unit had.

The battery

 A RELX vape lies on a charging case.

The battery stores the power that makes your vape run.

This last major component stores the power that your vape runs on. In a vape pen, the battery isn’t normally user-accessible, so you won’t have to worry much about it aside from keeping it topped up. 

Battery capacity differs between models and manufacturers, so there isn’t any standard amount that you should expect. If you want to make sure that you’ll never run out of power mid-puff, consider getting a charging case to keep your device charged for when you need it. 

Most vapes have lithium-ion batteries, which perform best and last longer when given short charges rather than long plug sessions. That’s why you should top up your battery when you can, and avoid waiting until the low-battery indicator switches on.

Great combination

Four RELX vapes lie on a background in different shades of blue.

All these parts work together to deliver the vape experience you enjoy.

Put together, these vape parts are made to deliver a good vaping experience. Take care of them individually and as a whole, and your vape will continue to work the way they should. 

If you want an excellent combination of great vape parts that unite in one high-quality vape pen, consider picking from the RELX Infinity line. 

From the aluminum unibody housing to the ergonomic mouthpiece of the pod and even the Leak-Resistant Maze (not to mention the innovative Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro technologies), you can be confident that it will last a long time while giving you an excellent vaping experience, time and time again. 

Now that’s a Super Smooth experience any vaper would love.

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