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It’s Time to Troubleshoot! Learn About Fixing Vape Pens Available in the Philippines

May 06, 2022

Whether you’ve recently made the switch from smoking to vaping or have yet to take the final step, you probably have a lot of questions about vape pens, including what you can do in case something goes wrong. 

The chances are, you’ve tried to research only to be faced by an intimidating number of possible resources, many of which aren’t applicable to the Philippine setting. 

Well, don’t sweat it; we got you. Here’s a primer on the two types (the open pod and closed pod systems) of vape pens available, and how to troubleshoot your unit.

Three vape pens stand on a table.

Open pod systems offer customization in exchange for complexity.

The Open Pod System

These systems are often the choice of experienced vapers who want a pocket-friendly companion or backup device in addition to their larger mods. 

Like their removable-battery relatives, open pod systems let you choose which e-juice to refill the pod with. They also typically offer various coil material and resistance options, allowing for a high level of flexibility and customization. 

If this amount of choice already sounds complicated, maybe this type of vape isn’t for you. 

Open pod systems consists of different components, much like the cogs in a machine. These are all important, and must be working well together to give you the best performance. 

Perhaps the most important part of such devices is the refillable pod, which allows you to try e-juice with different flavors and nicotine concentrations until you find The One. The coil slots into the pod, and usually comprises a metal coil and a cotton wick (although some versions use a mesh construction while other swap out metal for ceramic). 

If you’re getting a burned flavor when you vape, you need to change your coil or perhaps reconsider your choice of e-juice or power setting. 

The body of the vape pen holds the battery, which holds the energy that powers your puffs. When it’s low on power, performance will often take a hit, so make sure to top it up regularly. 

Knowing the vape parts will help you isolate the probable cause when faced with problems. But to quickly sum up what you need to do to keep your vape in good condition: Change your coils when needed, avoid overfilling the pod with e-juice, clean your tank regularly, and always charge your device. 

These devices may require more maintenance in exchange for more options, but can still give you the vaping experience you’ve been expecting when treated with care.

A red vape pen lies on a black cloth.

Closed pod systems are convenient and easy to learn how to use.

The Closed Pod System

User-friendly and slick, closed pod systems are easy to stick in your pocket and whip out to use while on the move. Compared to open pod systems, these are less demanding in terms of maintenance and also simpler to use. 

With such devices, you just swap out your spent pod with a fresh one when you need it. There’s no need to go through the whole messy process of changing coils and filling juice. 

The pods of these devices contain a mouthpiece, the e-liquid chamber, and the coil. The vaporizer is built into the body of the vape pen, which is where you’ll also find the battery.  

RELX, which is now one of the established and proven brands offering closed-pod systems, offers vape pens in a variety of colors and pods with a diverse selection of flavors. Both their Infinity and Essential lines are known for attractive looks, leak-resistant maze design, and Super Smooth performance.   

While these vape pens are great for people who are just switching to vape, they’re so convenient and easy to use that they would be a good option even for experienced vapers.

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