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Step Up Your Dating Game: Why Quitting Smoking Has Its Benefits

May 06, 2022

New or old to dating, here to have fun or to find the one, a change or two could help you and your date or potential partner in the long run. Dating can be tricky and without fully knowing the person you’re taking out, the chances stand at 50/50. However, there are some cues you pick up on as you go out with different people, their likes and dislikes, with one possibly being their disapproval of smoking. And unfortunately, being a smoker can sometimes become a game changer.  

A hard habit to stop, but overall beneficial for both parties–quitting smoking will make a difference and here’s why.

It’s better for first impressions

First impressions matter.  

If you’re a heavy smoker and can’t sit through an hour without going outside for a cigarette break, some dates may find this action impolite and take it negatively. It can feel like a hard ask at the time, especially when you don’t know the person sitting in front of you, but think, “wouldn’t this be more fun if I wasn’t just thinking about having a drag right now?” Your mind wouldn’t be elsewhere and your date would have your full attention.  

The other no-no is being able to last without a cigarette, but not informing your date that you are, in fact, a smoker. Masking this with perfume is not the way to go and will bite you back on future dates. You never know–your date could have been a smoker or is still one, so what’s the harm in letting him or her know the truth? You could help one another with ditching the habit or your date could end up giving you helpful advice. Honesty is always the best policy.

It’s better for your well-being

An asian man and woman exercising by running outdoors

Your health may come into play when dating.

After a successful first date and comfort settles in, both individuals may feel confident about sharing more and more interests with one another. Spending more time together not only shows your dependency on cigarettes but once again, may hinder your ability to enjoy exploits fully, especially when your date asks you to join in on physical activities.  

You may be outdoors more often, like taking evening strolls to something more intense such as a hike, a cycling or bouldering session if your date makes the effort to stay fit. Rather than feeling stressed and enduring an hour (or more) of suffering due to your smoking habit, it may be time to consider quitting. 

This will not merely be beneficial for your date, but also for your own health. Quitting smoking will give you better endurance and the willingness to push yourself to become active, and overall, live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s better for the planet

If you’re someone who cares about Mother Earth, saying goodbye to cigarettes means you’re lessening your carbon footprint and living more sustainably.  

As the world continues to fight for environmental change, more people are making better, conscious decisions. Seeing this kind of compassion can alter your date’s perspective of you in a positive way, while helping the environment at the same time.

The alternative

A gold RELX Infinity vape on black sand

Vapes are an alternative to start your #nosmoke journey.

Easier said than done, quitting smoking is, no doubt, a difficult task. 

If you’ve tried to cold turkey, chewed nicotine gum or incessantly slapped nicotine patches to no avail, various vape products are on the market to help you make the transition manageable. 

Vapes will allow you to get rid of the taste and smell of cigarette smoke, while making the switch much easier, without your date worrying about your long-term health. The RELX Infinity and Essential lines, for example, can be used as tools to improve your dating game, change your daily habits, and eventually make quitting smoking a reality. 

With that said, are you ready to level up?

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