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Why RELX Website is Your Go-To Vape Hub

December 23, 2022

Going from store to store asking different employees for your vaping needs isn’t ideal. Having a site that compiles all your vaping needs would be much easier. Your wish is granted, and in fact, it’s been there all along. RELX website is a one-stop hub where you can shop, learn, get help, and verify your RELX products. It’s a site unlike any other.  

With a platform where all these things seamlessly come together, here are the reasons why the RELX website should be your go-to place for all things RELX and vape-related.   

Purchase RELX Products  

While perusing the website, you’ll be able to shop online for their latest products. From RELX devices and pods to starter kits and accessories, you can check out what every product offers. When some items aren’t available in-store, you can pre-order them on the RELX website. The store is regularly updated and has a new promo once every few months. If you’ve been waiting for the RELX Artisan to be in stock again, this is the place to grab one. 


Verify Your RELX and RELX Pods 

A screengrab of the RELX website Authentication page where you can enter device and pod codes for verification.

Authentic versus counterfeit — a problem vapers should be wary of. RELX firmly believes you have the right to know if your goods are the real deal. It even has a section under the Support tab listed as Authentication. This feature allows users to verify their RELX products by entering a 14-digit code and scanning a QR code. This verification process is highly encouraged because connecting a fake product to a real one may cause other issues, such as a leaking pod, burnt and unpleasant-tasting e-juice, charging difficulties, and device overheating. As a consequence, you may end up spending more money in the long run. 

Learn About the Vape Sphere 

The Newsroom tab is where you’ll unearth content about RELX, its products, and other vape-related news. In-depth articles, listicles, and guides are at your disposal if you have any questions or a device problem that needs fixing. From learning about the different types of vapes to which new RELX vape flavors to try, you’ll be able to read them anywhere and anytime you want. 

Have 24/7 Online Support 

If you can’t find an answer to your vape problems in the Vape Knowledge section of the website, you can always talk to a RELX consultant. Click the green and white chat icon on the right side of your screen. RELX customer service is available 24/7 and in multiple languages.  

After filling out a pre-inquiry form, you’ll be in touch with someone. There is also information in the Contact Us section under the Support tab, where you’ll find their support email address for your inquiries.  

Locate a Store Near You 

A hand holding a mobile phone with different locations on the screen.

If you’d like to find official RELX stores near your office or home, search for them using the Store Locator feature. Scroll to the bottom of the RELX website under Support Center. From there, it’s pretty simple — change the country option from global to the Philippines and type your location in the search bar.  

Take note that RELX products are also available outside of the Philippines. If you’re wondering whether you can find an official RELX store or a shop with RELX products while you’re next abroad, there is no need to open a map. All you need to do is find an authorized store closest to you by accessing the Store Locator feature.   

Given that everything can be done in one place, go to RELX website and get all the useful content and features about vaping experience.

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