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RELX Pod Price in the Philippines: How Much Does It Cost Now?

December 20, 2022

RELX Pod price in the Philippines has gone through many changes. If you’re a newbie, you may be unaware of the ups and downs in the vape space this year. To summarize, there was a flavor ban in mid-2022, but now the new vape law is in effect. As a result, vape prices have gone up and down to keep up with the market. 

Vape price should be the least of your concerns. Relax, here’s the update on RELX Pod price in the Philippines throughout 2022 and how much you should be paying for one now. 

The Vape Flavor Ban 

Various vape juice flavors against a white backdrop.

Starting on May 25th, 2022, the Philippines banned the manufacturing, importation, distribution, and sale of flavored e-juice other than tobacco and menthol. This complied with Republic Act No. 11467 and Executive Order No. 106. The latter specifically stated that liquids, refills, or solutions with flavors and additives seen as enticing to those under the age of 21 were prohibited.   

While the wide selection of vape flavors was gone from the market, the RELX Pod price in the Philippines stayed the same — around ₱250. However, by July 24th, then-President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. enacted the Vape Law. 

The Vape Law 

A hand holding the RELX Infinity device in blue while resting on a black couch.

Vapers celebrated the passing of the Vape Bill as a public health strategy because it meant the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry would regulate the products. The law also removed the flavor ban, allowing vapers to buy their favorite RELX Pod once again. 

RELX offers 20 flavors you can choose from freely. No matter your preference, you’ll surely find one that suits your palate. However, the RELX Pod price in the Philippines went up to ₱300 by September 2022 to accommodate the excise tax. 

RELX Pod Price in the Philippines: What’s the Update?  

A product shot of a Tangy Purple RELX Pod Pro.

You’d be forgiven to think that the current price of RELX Pods remains at ₱300. After all, many shops still sell RELX Pods at this price. But there’s some good news for you! Despite the recent vape news, the official RELX pod price in the Philippines has dropped from ₱300 to 200. Yes, it’s now much cheaper than before. 

Where can you find the cheapest RELX Pods? It’s super easy. Order all your RELX products straight from the official RELX website. Here, you can find the updated RELX Pod price in the Philippines, plus exciting promos you won’t find anywhere else. Go stock up on RELX Pods and share this news with fellow vapers!

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