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Why is My RELX Pod Leaking? It's Time to Face the Messy Truth

December 21, 2022

A RELX pod leaking is something you probably won't encounter a lot, but that doesn't mean it won't happen to you. This is true for people who switched to RELX a while back and those who are new to vaping. 

Now, RELX devices have technology that significantly reduces the chances a leak will happen. Specifically, the Leak-Resistant Maze found in the RELX Pod Pro. 

This comprises 11 different structural layers, making it hard for e-juice to go anywhere but where it's supposed to. It also traps condensation, so you probably won't experience dampness or drips. 

However, despite all of these advantages, there’s still a small chance that you might occasionally find some stray liquid on your vape. Read on to find out the common causes and what you can do to avoid them.  

It Might Be How You Vape

A man with eyes open lies on his side in bed.

If you're prone to vaping while lying down, you should know that this increases the chances of a RELX pod leaking. That's because this position keeps the e-juice from properly absorbing by the wick, especially if there isn't much liquid in the pod. 

For the same reason, agitating or shaking your RELX device can also trigger some leakage. The likelihood rises even more if you do this while actively using the vape. 

But even if you're holding your RELX in the proper vertical position, taking too many puffs within a short period might end up leaking. In this case, the wick will work properly, but the coil may not be able to vaporize all the juice that gets pulled into it. 

This is one of the reasons why units such as the RELX Artisan and RELX Infinity Plus come with a Smart Pace Vibration Alert. As the name suggests, this sets off haptic feedback in the form of vibration when you take more than 15 puffs in 15 minutes. 

It Might Be Other Factors 

A man wearing a face mask stares out a window in an airport.

Check the environment if none of these things are present in your vaping habits, but you still find a RELX pod leaking. While RELX devices are sturdy enough to be used in most situations, there's an increased chance of stray e-juice if there's an extreme temperature change. 

That’s because very high or low temperatures can keep the wick and coil from properly operating, so some liquid might not be vaporized as it should. 

Abnormally high or low air pressure can also cause leaks, although this is much less common (unless you've been riding an airplane or climbing a mountain with the device in your pocket). This tends to affect the wicking action when you take a puff. 

How You Can Avoid Leakage 

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Once you've found the probable cause of the leakage, it won't be hard for you to find a permanent solution to avoid it from happening again. 

If your vaping habits trigger it, you'll need to be more conscious of how you use your RELX. Keep your device vertical during operation, and avoid shaking it right before or during a puff. Also, remember to space out your puffs and take a break if the vibration alert goes off. 

The environmental factors aren’t things you can do much about, although you should always keep your vape from getting too hot or cold. If you’ve exposed it to abnormal air pressure, give it a little time to adjust to normal conditions before using it. 

RELX Pod Warranty 

While extremely rare, a RELX pod leaking could be a sign that there’s something physically wrong with that component. If you believe that this is your situation, you can rely on the RELX warranty to help you out. 

RELX pods are covered for 18 months from the manufacturing date and are meant for issues that arise during normal and safe use only. This means that problems from neglect, natural disasters, theft, operation outside the intended use, and non-defective products aren't under warranty. 

If RELX pod leaking has been your source of stress lately, get in touch with the RELX customer care team through email at or by sending a message at Please make sure that you have your proof of purchase!

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