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Is Your RELX Not Working? Try These Solutions!

September 15, 2022

If you’ve ever found your RELX not working, you know that this could be a confusing time for you. Did you do something wrong? Should you replace it with a new one? Sometimes all you need is an easy fix, like charging your device. But there are moments when you should consider troubleshooting the device.

The good news is that RELX devices are built to last. If something goes wrong, there’s a huge chance it won’t take much to get it up and running again.

To spare you the headache of tinkering with your device, we have a simple guide to answer the one true question: why is my RELX pod not working?

Keep reading to discover the issues you may encounter and the steps to take when your RELX is not working properly.

RELX Not Working? Try Charging It

Three charging cables lie on a textured grey surface

A RELX device needs to be charged regularly. Check if the charging light turns on as you plug it in.

If it doesn’t, there may be something wrong with the cord, charger, or socket. To be sure, try charging with a different charger or plug it into another socket. Doing this will help you learn which one is causing the issue.

Another reason why your RELX is not working like usual is dust. You must clean up any dust, dirt, or foreign objects in the charging ports. Simply use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the bottom of your device until any visible dirt is gone.

Charging trouble can also be caused by damage to your RELX, especially if it fell from a high distance or got wet. In cases like those, you should contact the authorized reseller you bought it from so they can tell you what to do next. 

No Vapor When Puffing

A white RELX device in front of a white background

Sometimes, you’ll find your RELX not working when you try to take a puff and see that there’s no vapor being produced. A low battery level is a common cause, and you need to charge your device for at least 10 minutes to fix it. 

There may also be issues with the inner terminals of your unit, which can be caused by dirt or excess e-juice. You can clean this component with a cloth or a cotton swab while also paying attention to the pod’s terminals.

The pod itself may be the issue. After all, the lack of vapor can also be caused by not removing the silicone seal of a new pod before attaching it to the unit. While this is typically a beginner mistake, it can happen to even experienced RELX users.

To solve it, just pull the pod out, remove the seal, and slide it back in. If you find that the seal is already gone, try using a different pod.

Device is Leaking

Someone holding a red RELX device while taking a towel out of a hamper

You may find your RELX not working in certain situations because it’s leaking. If that happens, remember that you should keep your device upright while using it and avoid puffing while lying down. 

Even when you’re standing up, remember to avoid shaking your unit. You don’t need to be completely still, but vigorous movement should be avoided to lessen the chances that the e-juice will trickle out.

Remember also that some light leakage can happen if your RELX is exposed to changes in air pressure or extreme temperatures. That’s nothing to worry about. But, you should clean the terminals in the inner part of the device and the pod if there’s a small leak.

Battery Indicator Keeps Blinking

A blue RELX vape on top of a blue powder

If the battery indicator is constantly blinking and your RELX is not working, your device is trying to tell you something.

When the indicator blinks red, your unit’s battery is low, or the pod was inserted incorrectly. Check the charge and reinsert the pod to be sure. However, if it happens after several puffs, it’s just your RELX is letting you know to slow down a little.

On the other hand, you might see the indicator blinking white and red twice each. This happens when your device is resetting, probably due to a charging source that is too weak or too strong. You can fix this by using the cable that came with your RELX and not using a high-powered charger. 

If you switch to a different cable, charger, or both, make sure to charge for at least 10 minutes before vaping.

Indicator blinking in a way that hasn’t been covered here? Your RELX might malfunction because of leakage, so try cleaning the terminals and “reverse puffing” (blowing into the pod while it is detached) to clear any vape juice blockage.

Weird or Burnt Taste

A silver RELX device on top of a background filled with colorful splashes of paint

Why does my RELX taste burnt?” It doesn’t mean that your device is broken. There are a few things you can do.

The first is to check how long it has been since you started using the pod. It’s recommended to finish a pod within 15 days of opening it for the best flavor experience. While you can definitely use it past that point, the flavor will probably start diminishing by then.

Low e-juice levels in the pod can also make the taste different, especially if the device is tilted while you’re taking a puff. These two factors could prevent the liquid from flowing through the coil properly.

Worry Not! You Can Get Support 

These are the common answers to why your RELX is not working. If you experience something beyond what we have covered in this guide, you can always reach out to and get expert help.

Issues that end with a RELX not working are few and far between, which is why many people have chosen these products when switching to vape. If you’re ready to do the same, look at the RELX Essential, Infinity, and Artisan series to see which one fits you best.

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