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Don't Miss Out on These 3 RELX Limited Edition Series

January 20, 2023

Owning a RELX limited edition vape is great because it allows you to be more unique than other proud RELX owners. It also lets you showcase your individuality and style, especially if you pick a unit that you feel can represent how you truly are. 

If you’ve recently switched to vape, you may not know which particular models are the limited-edition ones. Let's go through the three special devices and see what makes them stand apart. 

If you already have a RELX Infinity or Infinity Plus, one of these special models is the perfect device for the weekend when you feel like being a little more fun than the daily grind permits. 

RELX Infinity Sky Blush 

A RELX Infinity Sky Blush unit in blue, purple, and violet.

The RELX Infinity Sky Blush might be the right RELX limited edition vape for you if you're into gradated colors that hint at bright skies right before sunset. The chill blue color eases into purple before softening into a light violet, with the overall effect being nothing short of head-turning. 

Of course, the beauty of this device isn’t skin-deep. The hand feel is nothing short of excellent, and the super smooth performance it delivers is everything you’ve come to expect from a top-level unit from the company. 

If you want to show that you aren’t someone who fears the limelight, the RELX Infinity Sky blush could be the vape that matches you best. 

RELX Infinity Arctic Mist 

A RELX Infinity Arctic Mist vape, with blue hues shading to white.

Of the RELX limited edition devices, the RELX Infinity Arctic Mist is perhaps the coolest in the eyes. That's thanks to the colorway. It starts at an icy blue reminiscent of a pure mountain stream at the base before lightening to a pale blue at the middle part and even more to an elegant silvery white at the top. 

All these are contained in a compact housing that easily fits your hand and your pocket, even with the pod installed. You won’t have to worry about stray drops of e-juice, thanks to the company’s Leak-Resistant Maze. 

The RELX Infinity Arctic Mist is a good fit for vapers who want to leave an understated yet powerful impression. If this sounds right to you, look at this RELX limited edition device. 

RELX Artisan 

A RELX Artisan vape in the Polo Stripe colorway.

Available in three unique variants, the RELX Artisan limited edition lineup is the most special of all the RELX limited edition vapes. The features are similar across the variants, so the exterior is the only differentiating factor. 

The Polo Stripe model comes in a classy cream-colored leather shell centered with alternating stripes of forest green and white. 

Meanwhile, the Robin Blue version straddles the border between a delicate blue and turquoise. The Indigo Denim variant comes in a deep blue reminiscent of your favorite pair of jeans, accentuated by a pop of color thanks to the orange stitching that runs down the middle. 

If your taste runs to a novel combination of classic luxury and eye-catching colors, the RELX Artisan series deserves your consideration. 

Where to Get Them 

Despite their limited-edition status, the RELX Infinity Sky Blush and Infinity Arctic Mist don’t carry a huge price premium. They’re available for just ₱1,400 (versus ₱1,250 for the regular Infinity models). 

On the other hand, models in the RELX Artisan series are surprisingly priced at just ₱1,995. Given the premium materials and handwork that go into every device, this is quite a bargain. 

It can be a little difficult to find the specific model that you’re looking for at regular resellers. After all, their limited availability means there aren't many units around. 

That’s why, if you find one that you like, you shouldn’t take too much time to get it. That way, you’ll avoid the disappointment of learning that they’re run out of stock. 

Better yet, you can shop on the RELX Philippine website to have the highest chances of success in finding the RELX limited edition device of your dreams. You'll find the RELX Infinity Sky Blush, the RELX Infinity Arctic Mist, and the RELX Artisan on your mobile device.

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