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Answering 4 FAQs About RELX Delivery

February 06, 2023

The interconnected modern world provides many conveniences at your fingertips, and RELX delivery is one of them. Without having to set foot outside the house, you can enjoy a new vape or stock up on pods and other accessories in just a few taps. 

While a simple online search can reveal many ways of buying RELX products, the easiest is by doing your vape shopping on the official RELX Philippines online store. Not only will you be sure that the products you purchase are authentic, but you’ll also enjoy other exclusive offers. 

Ready to find out more? Keep scrolling to get the details on the RELX delivery service. 

How Do You Pay? 

A hand holds a magnifying glass against a stack of coins on a table.

For your purchases on the RELX store, you’ll be using Cash on Delivery or COD to pay when your RELX delivery is made. If you aren’t around to receive your order on the delivery date, you can leave the money with a trusted companion or family member. 

Even though the chance is remote, the company provides an easy way for you to handle any payment-related problems. Send an email to and voice your concerns. The RELX team will respond within 24 hours. 

How Fast is RELX Delivery? 

The exact waiting time of your RELX delivery varies according to the delivery location. But, the quickest your order can arrive is after two working days, and the longest it will take to reach you is nine working days. 

While waiting, you can track your purchase by logging in to your account on the RELX website. Click My Order, and check where your order is at. If there hasn’t been any update for seven days, don’t worry. You can get help from    

How Much is Shipping? 

A truck made of cardboard appears to come out from a smartphone screen.

There’s a nominal fee for your RELX delivery, but it gets waived when your order reaches at least ₱1,000. Of course, that won’t be hard if you’re planning to buy a RELX device, like one of the limited-edition models, such as the RELX Infinity Sky Blush, RELX Infinity Arctic Mist, or RELX Artisan series. 

If you’re getting pods, this could be a good time to stock up on them or even try the flavors you’ve been curious about. You won’t have to worry about the cost of RELX Pods delivery if you buy five at a time. After all, only good things can happen from having more options! 

Who Does the Shipping? 

A man on a red scooter is on the way to deliver items.

The choice of logistics matters to some people because of their personal experience with one company or another. To answer your question, J&T Shipping handles RELX delivery. RELX has been working with this professional company for quite a while. J&T Shipping is an established nationwide company with proven reliability and professionalism. 

Start Shopping Now at RELX Website 

With all these advantages, it makes sense to buy and arrange your RELX delivery on the RELX Philippines website. The ease of the whole process will leave you smiling as you enjoy your super smooth experience without having to leave your house. 

If you’re thinking about switching to vape, this might be the best way to get it done. Visit to see the RELX Essential, RELX Infinity, RELX Infinity Plus, and RELX Artisan series today!

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