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What is the RELX Breeze Device?

October 17, 2022

RELX is notorious for its sophisticated design and high-tech features. It continues to make a good impression on the vaping community, gaining more followers who want to start their #nosmokejourney. Aside from the Essential, Infinity, and Artisan line-ups, there’s one device made for people who recently switched to vaping: the RELX Breeze device. No, it’s not a fake RELX. It’s a trial or sampling device you can use to try out different RELX pod flavors 

The sample vape isn’t for sale, but it is definitely worth knowing about. You may even have one at home! Curious to learn more about this handy device? Here’s the lowdown on the RELX Breeze device. 

RELX Breeze Device: Shape and Colors 

Similar to the RELX Infinity device, the RELX Breeze features a smooth and sleek shape. One big difference is at the bottom of the device, where it’s molded differently than the Infinity model. RELX Breeze features an even base that can stand up straight rather than having a curve. 

Despite its closeness in shape, the RELX Breeze unit was created to be ultra-lightweight — a characteristic that many vapers would appreciate. 

The new device is appealing to the eye with a range of colors. There are some noticeable differences if you compare the design of RELX Breeze vs Infinity. RELX Breeze device boasts a simpler design, whereas RELX Infinity has a modern build.  

RELX Breeze is available in black with a smooth, matte finish that feels nice to touch. The color suites every personality and complements the slim frame. 

RELX Breeze Light Signal and How It Works 

The light indicator works in a different way from its predecessors. In the RELX Breeze unit, the light flashes continuously when it’s trying to signal that it’s on a low battery. Unlike the RELX Infinity, the RELX Breeze device will also slowly flash while charging and does not have the red-to-white light feature.  

The Breeze model takes just over an hour to fully charge and uses a USB-type C charger. You’ll know the device is done charging when the light flashes three times and then turns off. This would be the ideal time to disconnect the device.  

The light will flash once when you remove your pod from the Breeze device. However, the light won’t activate when you insert a new pod. 

Compatible Pods 

Vapers don’t need to worry about purchasing different RELX pods for the RELX Breeze device. The pods used for the RELX Infinity, RELX Phantom, and RELX Artisan lines are compatible with the device.  

Want to get your hands on this RELX Breeze device? Keep your eyes glued for future RELX bundling promos, where you can get a free RELX Light Breeze with the purchase of RELX pods. Subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to know all the latest news and promos!

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