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5 Ways to Spot Fake RELX Pods and Do RELX Authentication

December 01, 2022

Whether you’ve just recently switched to vape or have been doing it for a while, knowing how to do RELX authentication can add peace of mind to your vaping experience. As long as you buy your vape products in authorized stores, rest assured your RELX Pods are original. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? These tips are handy, especially if you purchase from a new store. 

Here are five tips to do RELX authentication for pods easily and quickly! 

Tip #1: Check the Flavors 

A screenshot of the pod section of the RELX website, showing some of the many available flavors.

One simple way of doing RELX authentication is by checking the pod flavors against the many ones listed on the RELX website. 

While it can be exciting to find a new variant, especially if it sounds like something you might enjoy, remember that only those flavors listed on the website are genuine. If RELX develops a new variety, you’ll find it mentioned there, along with a guide of what you can expect when you try it. 

Tip #2: Spot Any Differences 

While there are a few counterfeit pods, they aren’t made with the same quality as the OG. So, checking the packaging is another effective way of RELX authentication. 

How do you do this? Compare the box, other packaging elements, and even the pod itself against the images you'll find on the official RELX website. 

Things like different fonts or pictures on the box, flimsy foil seals on the blister pack inside the box, and rubber seals on the pod that doesn't match the original ones are tell-tale signs something isn’t right with your purchase. 

Tip #3: Compare the Performance 

When using the pod, see if you get the same performance as the original one. The airflow and taste should be identical. Look out for vapor and any leaks. What you find will be good indicators of whether your pod is authentic. 

The pod itself should also have the right shape and size. Most importantly, the atomizer must be in an S-shape, as all RELX devices have Leak-Resistant Maze. Further validation will prove your suspicion if there's anything that troubles you. 

Tip #4: Use the RELX Authentication Feature 

A screenshot of the verification section of the RELX website.

RELX guarantees a smooth vaping experience. As a preventative step, RELX inputs a unique set of serial numbers in each product. These numbers will help you do the RELX authentication on the website. 

You can find the serial numbers under a silver scratch-off sticker on the box, beside a QR code that leads you straight to the website. Once there, enter the code you revealed from under the sticker. The system will check the product's authenticity and gives the result in a few seconds. 

Tip #5: Buy Only from Authorized Sources 

Perhaps the easiest method of RELX authentication is to buy from authorized stores. These places have to follow the company’s guidelines for resellers, which means they wouldn’t carry fakes. 

You can locate authorized stores on the RELX website. It lets you search for brick-and-mortar outlets and also lists preferred online resellers. However, you can also purchase straight from the RELX online store, which often has promos and bundles you won’t find anywhere else. 

All in all, RELX authentication is an easy and necessary step for every vaper. You’ll be at peace knowing the pod you bought is original. You deserve to have the Super Smooth performance that you’re paying for. So, the next time you buy a RELX pod, follow these tips to validate your purchase.

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