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How to Clean RELX Infinity Regularly

January 19, 2023

Knowing how to clean RELX Infinity is essential for making the most of your device. While you won’t need to do this with every use, making it a habit will allow your vape to deliver the performance you want. 

Before you start cleaning, you’ll need a few things — a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. You can use a tissue instead of cloth in a pinch, but make sure that it isn’t the fibrous type that disintegrates easily. 

Once you’re ready, find a clean and flat surface, pop the pod out, and you’re all set. Don’t worry. You’ll see that learning how to clean RELX Infinity isn’t difficult at all. 

Step 1: The Terminals 

A pack of white cloths lying partially folded.

These are the parts inside your unit at the top, the one that is visible only when there’s no pod installed. You might find some condensation or drops of e-juice here (especially if you’ve been vaping while lying down), so make sure to give it a good wiping with your cloth. 

Pay a little extra attention to the middle section, which is the most likely to collect any stray liquid. You might have to go a little deep for that, but avoid using something that could break easily, like a toothpick. 

Instead, you can wrap the cloth in something sturdier, like a thin screwdriver. Make sure to wipe gently and avoid pressing hard. Use different parts of the cloth and check after each wipe. When no more liquid or residue is being wiped up, that part is clean. 

Step 2: The Charging Port 

A lit flashlight lies on a table over a tied cord.

You’ll find this part at the opposite end, where you plug your device in to charge it (unless you prefer to use a charging case). While you aren’t likely to find any liquid there, you may instead see bits of dust or lint, especially if you’re the sort to carry your RELX Infinity directly in your pocket instead of in a pouch. 

To check if this is the case, take a flashlight and shine it into the port. Any foreign objects will be easy to spot this way. 

If you see anything that shouldn’t be there, try holding your unit firmly in one hand while giving it a few hard taps with the heel of your free hand. If that doesn’t work, you may have to loosen it up a bit. 

Since this is a sensitive electronic component, avoid using anything metal. Instead, you can try the end of a coated paperclip (don’t use the bare-metal type) to gently dislodge the obstruction. If it has moved, try tapping it again to see if the foreign object will fall out on its own. 

When the port is clear, give the body of the vape a good wipe with the cloth and move on to the last part. 

Step 3: The Pod 

A red RELX pod with a black mouthpiece.

If the e-juice in your pod is still at a good level, you won’t be replacing it soon. In that case, it’s also good practice to clean that part. Remember to hold it upside down (with the mouthpiece facing the floor) to keep the e-juice from trickling out. 

Start at the middle section, which could have some liquid and be slippery. Wipe it with the cloth, making sure to do all sides. 

Then, move below, where the connectors (the two round metal discs in gold color) are. Wipe gently but firmly enough to clear any residue that might be present. 

Finally, clean the mouthpiece. You can put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a clean part of your cloth and use that for wiping. Make sure that it’s completely dry before you vape with it. 

Once you’ve finished with that, you’re all set. You can go ahead and use your vape normally, with the confidence that it will give the Super Smooth Performance you’re used to. After all, you now know how to clean RELX Infinity properly, and without damaging the device! 

While there’s no set rule on how often you should do this maintenance, once a week should be fine. You can do it during the weekend, although the whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

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