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Four Funny Vape Questions People Have

April 04, 2022

Have you ever sat down, taken a puff, and looked at your vape thinking, “wow, look how far I’ve come”? You aren’t the only one. Many ex-smokers are grateful for making the switch from cigarettes to vapes. Ditching the old habit has given vaping neophytes a different, better lifestyle sans smelling like a portable ashtray and we’re all here for it. But, like everything else, when you start something new, you question everything there is to know about the undertaking. You might have a couple friends who vape or you could be the only one (and that’s okay), but sometimes you aren’t really sure whether the vaping questions that cross your mind sound too ignorant to say out loud. We’ve all been there.  

From basic questions like how does a vape work or how many puffs can I have a day to the bizarre, these are the ones on the net we found most amusing.

1. Can vaping make your teeth fall out?

Being an ex-smoker and switching from cigarettes to a vape device makes this question a little fairer if you’re a newbie. Chronic smokers are more likely to suffer from gum disease, tooth loss, and in serious circumstances, mouth cancer than non-smokers. They are, overall, more susceptible to having dental problems and have a bigger chance of failure when undergoing dental implants. 

However, the likelihood of any of the above happening with vape usage is not the same. According to a recent study, switching from cigarettes to vapes can improve your oral health.  Your teeth will not fall out. If anything, recession of the gums may occur but can be prevented by switching your vape juice to one with no nicotine. And as you continue your #NoSmoke journey, quitting for good will look more achievable and help your oral health long-term.

Vape device and vape device liquids on white table

Vape juice only belongs in your cartridge or pod, nowhere else. 

2. Can you drink vape juice?

Absolutely not.  

You should never, under any circumstances, ever drink your vape juice–just because it smells good does not mean you should have a taste.  

Because vape juice contains 30 to 50mg of nicotine, consuming it will be harmful to one’s body. A person who consumes an estimate of 50 to 60mg of nicotine can kill them. When thirsty, please stick to water, juice, coffee, or any other beverage to satisfy your needs.

Person checking weight on weighing scale

Weight gain and vaping have no connection.

3. Can vaping make you fat?

Because of all the different flavors available on the market, it can be mistaken to associate sweetness with calorie count. However, there is no correlation between vape juice and weight gain. 1mL of e-liquid has around five calories. When you compare this to a snack or meal, it's a miniscule amount. 

You don’t ingest calories when hitting your vape and the calorie value noted on e-liquids is only the energy value for the substance. Don’t worry, you won’t gain weight from your vape and there’s no evidence suggesting so.

4. Why does my vape juice taste like soap?

Funny, but many ask this question and it has more than one answer.  

As a heavy smoker who has recently decided to give vaping a go, the taste of vape juice could taste off due to his/her damaged taste buds from smoking. This creates a struggle to recognize subtle flavors. However, it can be solved. Trying a strong menthol flavor will help until your taste buds recover. 

Another reason for this could be because you have not ‘steeped’ your vape juice for long enough. If you don’t know what this means, steeping vape juice is when you place your closed bottles in a cool, dark place for an extended period and shake them from time to time. Some vapers steep their juice for hours to weeks. The process allows for optimal flavor when added into your device. 

If the latter doesn’t work, clean your device and change your coils to see if there’s a difference. And if your juice still tastes like soap, it’s time to chuck it out and purchase something better.  

So the next time you have a question regarding your vape that you aren’t comfortable to ask someone, look to scientific research online for answers, rather than forums or queries because these are some of the questions you might come across.  

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