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4 Best Non- Tobacco Flavors RELX Pod You Don't Want to Miss

November 29, 2022

Taking the first step on your #nosmoke journey is exciting yet overwhelming. You can never run out of options, but picking favorites might be challenging. If you’re a RELX user, there are 20 flavors available for purchase in the Philippines. Instead of trying them one by one, why not refer to a list of the best RELX Pod flavors voted by vapers? From RELX Pod’s new flavors to the OGs, here are the must-try options to add to your cart! 

Fresh Red 

A photo of a single Fresh Red RELX pod.

The Fresh Red — commonly referred to as RELX Pod watermelon — is a flavor that surprises all vapers, even those who are not real-life watermelon fans. If you want to try something different from regular menthol or tobacco, this could be the flavor for you. As one of the best-selling RELX flavors, the Fresh Red pod has understated notes of watermelon mixed with mint, creating a refreshing and pleasant taste.    

Garden’s Heart  

A photo of a single Garden’s Heart RELX pod.

Comparable to strawberries, Garden’s Heart has rich notes of the fruit and a tad bit of sweetness. This RELX Pod has a less mentholated profile than the Fresh Red, as it highlights a stronger fruity, fresh aftertaste. It's one of the best RELX Pods among Filipinos since it perfectly matches the hot and sunny weather. If you’re not a lover of sweet-tasting vape liquid, don’t worry. The flavor is subtle, with hints of mint despite its strawberry piquancy. 

Tangy Purple 

A photo of a single Tangy Purple RELX pod.

Another fruit-infused flavor, the Tangy Purple, is a burst of sweet heaven akin to grape. If you’re loco for candy and sweets, this flavor should be in your lineup when you’re ready for a change. Unlike the Fresh Red and Garden’s Heart flavors, the Tangy Purple hits differently. Its intense sweetness, funky grape taste, and cooling menthol sensation towards the end of your puff are reminiscent of a dessert.  

Menthol Plus 

A photo of a single Menthol Plus RELX pod.

One of the best RELX pod flavors for those who love a cooling breeze in every puff, the Menthol Plus flavor is icy tasting. With its 5% nicotine content, vapers can enjoy hard-hitting puffs rich in peppermint flavor. If you’ve recently started your #nosmoke journey, Menthol Plus will serve you well.  

With an array of flavors to select from, the four mentioned are the best RELX pod flavors in the market. Aside from the Menthol Plus, the three other flavors have a nicotine content of 3%, but you can double-check the box before purchasing (in case you forget). All pods are enclosed in packaging with stoppers on both the top and bottom of the pod. Once opened and detached, all you need to do is plop it into your RELX device to start your #nosmoke journey!

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