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Best Gift Ideas for Men: Help Your Dad Quit Smoking

June 10, 2021

A box of watch and a tie on the wooden table

In this special day, why not gift him a smoke free, ash free experience!

Nowadays, you don't have to wait for an occasion to give a special someone a gift, especially if that gift would help them to switch their smoking habit. So, if you're looking for gift ideas for men you love, your dad, brother, uncle or just to make a dude feel special, here are our recommendations.

1. Best Gift for The Esquire Man

A man with the action of dressed up his necktie and grey suit in front of glass window

Complete his look by giving him the gift of scent.

Your dad may be always wearing the best suits, but that lingering stench of smoke can be overpowering. Depending on how frequently he lights up, the smell just seems to stick around when you’re out and about. Cigarette smoke and its lasting smell can be very persistent, clinging to clothes and skin, especially on the fingers.

If you find yourself bothered by this, then consider giving him the gift of scent this year – an eau de parfum, eau de toilette or a good cologne, preferably scented to counter strong smoke smells.  

Pro tip: Consider scents with citrus notes, sage, bergamot, hyacinth, and wood. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised by how he smells when he goes out, while those fresher smells will lighten the mood all round and make your time together more memorable.

2. Best Gift for Life of the Party

Two men high-five with each other

Make him smile bigger with your special gifts!

Your dad is everybody’s favorite, and he’d be the first to be invited to gatherings and also the first to turn up! He's the life of the party, always socializing and meeting people for work or leisure. He is most probably very confident in himself too, but because he smokes regularly, you may have noticed some signs of his oral hygiene declining, and his self-conscious defense mechanisms about this, from time to time. It is no surprise that his oral health is impacted by smoking. You and other people may also have noticed the bad breath and those stained, yellowing teeth.

If these problems affect his social life, consider getting an oral health set as a gift for your dad. Opt for simple things such as mints, mouth sprays, electronic toothbrushes and those fancy toothpastes you can now find on the market. Alternatively, those teeth whitening home kits are also great for this!

Pro tip: If you’re planning a gift that will help him long-term, how about a voucher for a dental check-up? It’s advised that smokers should perform oral health check-ups regularly, so this gift idea might inspire him to look after himself more. Win-win!

3. Best Gift for the Car Enthusiasts

Modern car interior and illuminated dashboard

Trying to keep a car free from ash and smoke smell can be difficult when he’s always smoking while driving.

If your dad loves cars, you might notice that he pays as much attention to his car as he does to other important things, if not more! Jokes aside, keeping his car looking good, sparkling clean and spanking new is something he is most likely passionate about. Though when he smokes, it becomes tedious always cleaning up the drifting ash and keeping it free of that persistent smoke odor that seems to infiltrate every corner.

Be part of the solution and make it easier for him. Consider getting him a car fragrance or those mini plug-in air purifiers and deodorizers that come with refillable scents. As we previously mentioned, select a scent that best counters the smell of smoke. A cordless mini vacuum cleaner or a car air purifier are also great gift ideas.

Pro tip: When choosing a vacuum cleaner, look out for those with a hose and other handy attachments that can easily fit hard-to-reach places inside the car such as corners, between seats and underneath the foot pedals. Say goodbye to that pesky cigarette ash and smoke and say hello to that shiny and clean-smelling car.

4. Best Gift for The Techies

Two RELX Vaping Device in front of blue background

Encourage your dad to embark on a SuperSmooth journey with RELX Infinity vaping devices.

Does your smoker dad aspire to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, always delving into the latest tech trends or simply being a know-it-all about all things tech? If this sounds just like him, maybe it’s time to treat him to the World SuperSmooth Vape!

Today’s vaping devices not only offer the best alternatives to quit smoking but come with built-in features that are convenient, functional, and uber sleek. Get him RELX Infinity, a game-changing vaping device as a start.

The RELX Infinity, a 2020 Red Dot design awardee is engineered with their very own SuperSmooth™ technology, that is proven to deliver a rich vaping experience. In addition, they are designed with a Matrix-like next-generation solution called the Leak Resistant Maze. So, your dad can enjoy a more secure vaping experience, wherever he is, and tell his buddies all the tech that comes with it.

Pro Tip: Choose a vape device that gives the most bang for his buck in the long run. Consider quality, functionality, pod capacity, availability and the after-sales services. For example, the RELX Pod Pro is pre-filled with a good 1.9ml e-liquid and is designed to give you up to 500 puffs, based on normal consumption. Widely sold nationwide, it makes it convenient to find replacement pods. Not only do customers have access to a 24/7 live chat for any inquiries or issues, but with RELX Club, they get an extended 6-month warranty on their device. These are some important perks that make the vaping experience even more worthwhile.

On functionality, RELX Infinity is also equipped with a SmartPace alert system which encourages moderate vaping habits. It notifies the user if they have taken over 15 puffs in the last 15 minutes. The sophisticated designs and technological features incorporated by RELX might just be what your dad needs to kick the smoking habit, look good and feel great!

Now you know that having a list of gift ideas for men doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket, and that you are giving him something much more valuable-a healthier outlook in life. Starting a smoke-free lifestyle is not easy, so support from caring family members will help to encourage him. Take it one step at a time and who knows, he might also convince others to quit smoking, thanks to you.

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