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Your Vape Warranty Should Be Your BFF. Here's Why

December 16, 2021

Some of the major fears that vapers have include things like waking up only to find that their device has conked out and is rendered unusable; not getting any pulls; or finding out that their chargers aren't working.

Before chucking your device in the trash, however, you might want to dig around for its warranty card.

What are product warranties and how can they help me?

Simply put, a product warranty is a guarantee from a manufacturer or seller regarding the quality and performance of certain products, such as vape devices.

Warranties often fall into two separate categories: limited warranties and extended warranties.

A limited warranty is a guarantee that comes with the purchase of a product from an official seller. This type of warranty comes at no additional cost to the buyer, and will often cover a specific period of time, ranging from six months to one year.

An extended warranty, on the other hand, is an optional extension of the term length and coverage of the original warranty. Extended warranties may be purchased by the consumer for an additional cost, and are often offered and backed by a third party. 

Do note, however, that only reliable and trusted brands and their official stores are likely to offer warranties — a fact that you should keep in mind when shopping for items like vape devices and accessories.

Warranties — such as the ones from the official RELX store — are a great help to buyers since they essentially offer a form of customer protection, and will ensure that compensation will be given to buyers if the product does not perform as advertised, whether in the form of refunds or product exchanges. Galing, right?

My vape is damaged. Can I get a free replacement?

If you bought your RELX device from our official website, then don’t worry — the process is pretty straightforward.

  1. First, simply email the RELX customer care team at or by sending in a complaint at
  2. Please include proof of purchase with your email in order to prevent your claim from being voided.
  3. Keep in mind that RELX may request additional details about your device or product, including photos and videos.
  4. In some situations, RELX may initiate device repair or troubleshooting procedures to restore function before approving a product exchange or refund.
  5. If your claim is proven to be valid and is received within the warranty period, congratulations: RELX will replace your product at no extra charge.

Furthermore, RELX, unlike  its competitors in the Philippine market, has a “Just RELX” Refund Policy in place, which assures buyers of a hassle-free 60-day refund for items bought from their online store. 

In addition, you can also apply for an extended warranty by registering at the RELX Club. Not only does a membership grant you an extended warranty, it also makes you eligible for certain perks, such as exclusive promotions, special birthday offers, special event invites, and exclusive access to new products.

Do note, however, that RELX’s product warranty covers only those claims arising from damage sustained during normal and safe use. This means that the warranty does not apply to the following:

  • Any malfunction or damage not resulting from workmanship.
  • Damage resulting from general neglect, or unsafe use or misuse of the RELX product, whether cognizant or accidental.
  • Product damage arising from natural causes including but not limited to lightning, flood, or other natural disasters.
  • Theft or loss of the product.
  • Damage caused by operating the RELX device outside the permitted or intended use, or damage caused due to negligence in following instructions issued by the brand.
  • Claims for non-defective products.

When it comes to vapes and vape products, make sure to buy only from official stores. Not only does this guarantee authenticity and quality, it also ensures a Super Smooth experience from start to finish. 

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