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Why is My RELX Pod Not Working and Can It Be Fixed?

December 22, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is my RELX pod not working?” this probably isn’t something that has happened a lot to you. After all, as anyone who uses a RELX vape can say with confidence, the company has a reputation for making high-quality and reliable products. 

However, there’s still a small chance that you’ve encountered an issue that keeps your RELX pod from delivering the experience you’re used to. This includes leaks, too-few vapor being produced, and even the device not working. 

If you want to know what to do if this happens, you’ve found the right article. Keep reading for the possible causes and solutions. 

The Pod or Vape is Running on Empty 

A man wearing a hat holds a finger up in realization.

Sometimes, the simplest reasons behind vape issues cause you to ask, “Why is my RELX pod not working?”. In some cases, it could just be that your pod or vape is empty. 

An empty pod is out of e-juice, so there would be nothing left to turn into vapor. You’ll notice that nothing comes out, and there’s a distinct burned taste when you puff. 

If your RELX vape has little power left, you won’t get the right performance. So, instead of vapor, you might get some e-juice in your mouth instead. 

Luckily, it’s easy to check if either is the cause of your issue. You can view how much e-juice is in the pod by pulling it out of your vape and holding it against a strong light source, and seeing how much battery your RELX device has is as simple as reinserting the pod and looking at the power indicator. 

A fresh one easily replaces an empty pod, and a vape with no battery can just be charged until full. 

The Pod or Vape Needs Cleaning 

A man in a suit cleans a pen with tissue.

If something is getting in the way of the connection of the terminals on both the inner part of your vape and the bottom of the pod, you might encounter issues with your pod not working as expected. 

That’s because the terminals need to meet properly for the vape to send power to the pod. This power causes the coil to heat up and vaporize the e-juice. 

E-juice that has leaked, either in liquid form or dried, can keep the terminals from making full contact with each other. This, in turn, will cause either an irregular flow of power or no energy transfer. Foreign objects such as a bit of tissue paper can also physically prevent the connection from happening. 

If this is the cause of your issue, you just need to clean both the pod and the vape. Make sure to use a non-fibrous cloth to avoid accidentally leaving behind foreign objects that could make the problem persist. 

The Pod is Damaged 

A man in a long-sleeved shirt clutches his head in annoyance.

If your device was accidentally dropped or kept in a pocket or bag with heavy things, there’s a chance that the pod was damaged. This could cause a malfunction. 

It’s a good thing that finding out is easy: pop the pod out of your vape and visually inspect it. Look for any cracks in the part where the e-juice is stored (the tank), and for anything that looks misaligned or out of place. 

The damage might be in the interior components like the coil, so it would be difficult to identify. You’ll need to compare the performance before and after the issue arose. 

The RELX Warranty 

If you’ve discovered that the answer to “Why is my RELX pod not working?” is that it has a factory defect, you should know that the RELX warranty covers pods for 18 months from the date that they were manufactured. 

However, it is meant for problems that are encountered with safe and normal use. Damage due to neglect, natural disasters, theft, and operation outside of the intended use, and products which aren’t defective, aren’t under the warranty. 

If you’ve only been using your RELX device normally and the pod still has e-juice but is causing you issues, you may be able to have it covered. Finding out is as simple as emailing or by sending a message through 

Please make sure that you have your proof of purchase when you do so. This will help the customer support representative verify your pod faster. 

You shouldn’t try to fix a vape pod on your own. If it isn’t covered by the warranty, getting a fresh pod would be a simpler and much less stressful solution.

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