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When the Vape Price is Right: How To Gauge Which Vape To Buy

May 24, 2022

Ditching cigarettes to start a #nosmoke journey is no easy feat. The withdrawals can be dreadful and the nicotine gum and patches can be a short-term fix if one is not self-determined. Because of this, more smokers are looking to vapes as an alternative, but with so many choices in the market, the problem over which one to choose is at hand. However, with the help of this list of the best brands with their vape price, you’ll be able to select the most fitting device for you.

Six colorways of the RELX Essential vape device laid out on a blue background.

The RELX lines look elegant and fit perfectly in your pocket.


Relatively new to the vape market, RELX has rapidly grown into the world’s leading independent e-cigarette brand. They offer two lines, the RELX Infinity and the RELX Essential, for vapers who want a super smooth experience in various colors along with a diverse selection of flavors.

RELX Infinity

This particular device is RELX’s top-of-the-line vape featuring a smartpace vibrate alert, dual charging system, and leak-resistant maze. It has won the Red Dot Award for its sleek, minimal design and comes at an affordable price of P1,250. You also have the option to purchase its slim-fit charging case so you don’t need to worry about your vape running out of power while on the move.

RELX Essential

Despite the slight difference in design, the RELX Essential device also has a leak-resistant maze, dual charging system, and uses the same pods as the RELX Infinity. It comes at a cheaper price, costing P800 and is compatible with the RELX Pod Pro.  

You can test and try their range of pods, from tobacco, menthol, and fruits, to drinks and desserts making up 21 different flavors. Each pod costs P250, with options of 3% or 5% nicotine. Tangy, sweet, minty–you’ll find it all here. And to make sure your pods are authentic, RELX provides a bar code which can be scanned and verified on their website.


The demand for this brand has grown as more Filipinos switch from cigarettes to vapes. Snowplus has more than one device available to vapers, categorized by these three series: disposables, original series, and alien series. However, most users prefer to purchase the Snowplus Pro (P2,000) or Snowplus Lite (P1,200), which can both be found in the original series. As seen from the vape price, you’ll notice that Snowplus is on the more expensive side of this list. Despite the Snowplus Pro’s advanced technology, whether this device is affordable would depend on the vaper.   

These two vapes are compatible with their Snowplus Pod and Snowplus Pod S at the price of P750 for a box of three.

Juul vape device with three different pod flavors on a white background.

JUUL vape devices are another popular go-to for vapers.


Similar to the RELX device, The JUUL vape has no buttons or switches and regulates temperature control on its own. It’s a closed system vaporizer which is used once you pop the cartridge in. Its design was made with simplicity in mind and comes in slate or black with two flavors available on the market–tobacco or menthol. The device is priced at P995 while their pods are P450 for a pack of two.  

It’s a bang for your buck and available in numerous stores from Marketplace to True Value, but unfortunately has a few drawbacks. The JUUL device can give a burning feeling when used and secondly, with its limited flavors, vapers who prefer sweeter options are not able to have the ultimate vape experience. Lastly, the cartridge is susceptible to leaks. With these in mind, it may be best to look to other alternatives such as the RELX Infinity or RELX Essential devices or risk an accidental spill.


Last but not least, YOOZ is considered one of the best vape brands in the Philippines. Their selection consists of the Series 2 Device (P1200), YOOZ 4X (P1600), UNI Device (P2000), and UNI Pro (P2500) with pods priced at P500 for a box of two.  

Similarly to Snowplus, the vape prices for their premium devices aren’t as affordable for vapers as the RELX Infinity vape. Furthermore, despite the accessibility of YOOZ pods in the country, verifying the authenticity of the pods after purchase isn’t an option.  

By shedding light on the leading vapes available in the Philippines, it’s always good to consider all parts of the device from vape quality and design to flavor and vape price. After taking these into account, you’ll know which one’s the best option for you. 

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