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What’s the Deal With the Vape Bill 2022?

May 24, 2022

In the Philippines, possibly the hottest topic among vapers right now is the Vaporized Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Products Regulation Act, which is more popularly known as the Vape Bill 2022. Theres been a lot of news and discussion about this, because it will probably affect every vaper in the country. 

Want to know what makes it so impactful? Read on to learn the important facts and more.

What the Vape Bill is

The Vape Bill 2022, formally called Republic Act No. 9211, was made to complement existing vape regulations such as RA 11467 and EO 106.

In a nutshell, it is meant to help smokers make the switch from cigarettes to alternatives such as vapes.

It also establishes proper safeguards for responsible vaping, including restrictions on the use, sale, manufacture, and distribution of vapes. 

While the specific details havent been made public yet, news reports have said that among the changes are the lowering of the minimum age for vaping to 18 years old from the current requirement of 21, and limits on the flavors that vape juice can have.

How the Vape Bill can Affect you

Possibly the biggest impact of the upcoming Vape Bill 2022 on your vape experience will be the supposed flavor ban. With this, only tobacco and pure menthol e-juice can be sold.

This is an unfortunate development for people who are used to the wide array of choices available on the market, although those who have just switched to vape from cigarettes, and those who are about to make the change may have an easier time. 

This is meant to reduce any possible appeal that vaping may have for children. 

In addition, taxation for vape devices and related products will also be increased. The amount by which it will go up hasnt been announced yet, but theres a big chance that prices will rise significantly.

A RELX Infinity box shows its contents.

Getting a vape and stocking up on juice might be a good idea right now.

Whats the Vape Bills Status?

Right now, the Vape Bill 2022 has passed both Congress and the Senate, after a conference committee reconciled the versions made by both houses. Now, the only thing left is for the president of the country to approve it. 

However, President Duterte failed to give his approval, and so it falls to his successor to sign the bill into law. Once this happens, well find out the full details of the bill, and can better see what effect it will have on the vaping community. 

For now, it might be a good idea for you to get any new vapes and vape juices before things change. Not sure where to start? The RELX Infinity and Essential series are made to be easy for people who are just about to switch to vape, and they use disposable pods that can be swapped out for fresh ones when theyre empty. 

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