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What is Vaping and Why Are More People Switching to Vape?

July 01, 2021

A man holding a vape and a charger device on the sofa

Vape is gaining more popularity in the recent years.

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re already a smoker or someone who’s highly interested about vaping. Questions might arise like, what is vaping, and why are people doing it? To answer the questions, vaping is the use of an electronic device that simulates tobacco smoking. The device contains an atomizer, a battery, and a tank that contains an e-liquid. Instead of inhaling smoke, the user inhales vapor.

Today, vaping technology has evolved, especially in the last 5 years, with the industry constantly coming up with next-gen solutions to fit lifestyles, and to provide answers to the many pain-points surrounding the vaping experience itself. Many vape brands have even gone above and beyond to produce vape devices that are technologically advanced, powerfully functional and engineered with precision for a smooth and rich vaping experience. Let’s take a look at what vaping offers today!

Comfort is The Key

Two RELX devices on colorful paper

Vape devices have evolved over the years to feature ergonomic designs that are more compact and easier to use.

Before acknowledging the breakthroughs of vaping devices today, we must first recognize some of the most common issues vapers have experienced when vaping. These are the back spits of e-liquid, and the uncomfortable shape and design of tips. Although at the height of vaping back then, these were considered normal, today, vape brands have sought to address these issues.

Today, we can vape with more comfort. Commonly, in close-pod systems, heating and delivery of vapor produced is now very consistent and travels smoothly as it is inhaled. There are also no longer accidental burns on the tongue since the mouthpiece or tips are ergonomically designed.

No more Unpleasant Odors!

Man holding a vape in a yacht

Vaping does not smell bad. In fact, it smells better!

 Unlike cigarettes, vaping does not produce smoke as it is not burning any ingredients. Instead, it creates vapor by heating e-liquids, which does not leave unpleasant odors.

In this humid tropical weather, especially in the Philippines, sweat and odors are even more prominent, especially when the weather decides to alternate between raining cats and dogs and scorching hot throughout the day. Back then, e-liquids were not as refined as today and if you were vaping something sweet, it would most likely leave a lingering sticky and gunky smell. Although the smell is not entirely unpleasant, it is still something vape liquids in this era have much improved on. Vaping today produce close to no odors. In fact, if it does, you’ll probably be thinking of a fruity or minty aroma just passing by, but it no longer sticks to your clothes or the area you are vaping in.

Keep your Wallets Fat

One of the reasons people switch to vaping is that it is more economical. While a starter kit costs a bit, you’ll save more money in the long run, thanks to the advancing vape technology and features.

Let’s have some fun with the calculator and look at how much vapers spent back then compared to today. A closed-pod system will be used as a comparison in this case.

Let’s do the math. A mod type vape with tank and batteries, (PHP 6,000) and annual supplies of part for your tank (PHP 3,000) and e-juice (PHP 7,200) altogether can cost you up to PHP 16,200. The numbers may vary based on the vape consumption and the brand.

While a closed pod system today costs about PHP 1,250 to start. And for average users who consumes three pods a month for PHP 750, by the end of the year, the total expenditure for vaping only reaches up to PHP 10,250. That's huge savings compared to using complicated vape mods.

Old vaping technology is a bit complex. You need to bring the vape unit, extra batteries, cotton, tools, juices and other accessories. That’s a lot of things to note before you head out and you’d probably need a huge pouch just to carry all that. Not to mention, you also need to carry your phone, wallet, and keys. What if your vaping device is simple and compact that you don’t mind carrying it around in your pocket?

Today’s vaping removes all that hassle, as more designs are becoming pocket-sized and come as rechargeable devices. Simply connect to the recommended cable or plug points for a few minutes and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. Vaping devices have also gotten more advanced with fast charging and made to fit charging docks for the vaper’s added convenience. There are also charging cases like the RELX Infinity Wireless Charging Case that gives you up to 3 days of power and also serves as a hygienic storage space for your device, so you can say goodbye to tangled wires and lugging power banks when you’re out or travelling. Pretty convenient, huh?

High Tech in Your Hands

Just because modern vaping devices flaunt simple designs doesn’t mean it doesn’t feature the latest technology. The new vaping devices in the market offers safety features that prevents leaks, enhances vapor experience, and prolongs battery life. And that’s just the basic ones.

Devices are also increasingly designed to give a more compact and sleek appeal for the vaper’s convenience. A lot of vape devices are also built with LED lights and vibration alerts. Whether you’re someone looking for an intelligent function such as RELX Infinity’s SmartPace Vibration Alert to help keep track of usage, the possibilities are endless, and we can expect even more developments in the future. Or just the simplicity of super smooth vaping experience in value, you can go with (insert link here) RELX Essential.

Who knows, one day voice commands and more customizable features will be the norm in vaping devices? As the industry is rapidly growing, so are the bold ideas, research and developments surrounding vape, providing vapers with the most efficient and sophisticated vaping solutions to date.

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