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What is a Tube Type Vape?

June 23, 2022

While the tube type vape may look simple, it actually has quite a few advantages to it. It may not be the ideal first unit for people who are thinking of switching to vape, but there’s something appealing in its solid look and feel that make it worthy of consideration when you’ve gotten some experience with vaping. 

Curious about these cylindrical, pipe-looking devices? Want to know if you should give one a try? You’ve found the right place to get a comprehensive overview!

A closeup of a bronze and black tube type vape.

A tube type vape has a cylindrical body with metal components.

What a Tube Type Vape is

In simple terms, a tube type vape is made up of a cylindrical body that is usually metal, although some models use a heat-resistant plastic. This houses the battery (almost always a removable 18650) and the connector where the atomizer is attached to. 

Most tube type vapes are of the full mechanical configuration. This means that you can’t adjust the wattage or voltage by pressing a button. If you want to tweak the output, you’ll have to do it the old-school way, by modifying the coil to get the resistance that you’re after. 

These mods don’t have screens, so you won’t even be able to find out how much battery you have left. While this makes them harder to use, it does result in them being quite sturdy and able to withstand use and abuse with no lasting issues. 

However, there are a few tube type vapes which are regulated. These allow wattage, voltage, or even temperature adjustment, and have a screen which lets you know the settings you’ve selected. 

Such vapes are few and far between, because fitting all the components such as a circuit board and chipset (which allows for power regulation) is quite difficult given the limitations of the design.

A man holds a tube type vape in his hand.

You won’t usually be spending a lot to buy a tube type vape.

Where to get a Tube Type Vape

Most vape shops both physical and online offer at least a couple of full-mech tube type vape mods. Given their relative simplicity, these mods may even be locally made, but still with top-level quality. 

Adding to their visual appeal, these have designs which range from the simple brushed metal to elaborate scrollwork and patterns. You won’t be paying a lot (usually less than P1,000) for a basic tube type vape, although the price can easily get much higher as the materials and finishes get more intricate. 

If you’re tempted to get your own mod, remember that these are recommended only for experienced vapers, and those who’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to build coils properly.

A white RELX vape is surrounded by shadows.

A pod vape is different from a tube type vape.

What About Pod Vapes?

A pod vape isn’t usually considered a tube type vape, even though some may look similar in design. 

The main difference is that pod vapes have pods which combine the vape juice chamber, the atomizer, coil, and wick. Pod vapes also have built-in batteries and screens, and are always regulated and never mechanical. 

If you’re new to vaping or have yet to make the switch, picking a pod vape will always be a great option. That way, you can easily get started and learn the important details of more-complex mods over time. 

Need a recommendation? Try the RELX Infinity and Essential lines. These have great designs, are built to last and are simple enough for even a beginner to use with ease.

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