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Vaping and Your Wallet: How Much Does a Vape Cost?

February 28, 2024

Many view vaping as a means to consume nicotine; however, the cost may discourage some. This guide aims to provide clarity on the financial side of vaping, starting with the fundamental question: how much does a vape cost? Let’s dive into what it takes to start, and maintain using vaping in today’s world.


How Much Do Vapes Cost?

Vapes, or e-cigarettes, have emerged as a favorite modern choice for many. The vape cost can vary significantly based on multiple factors. At the entry level, you might find some options between ₱500 to ₱2,000, especially for simpler vape pens or starter kits. Mid-tier devices, boasting better battery longevity and additional features, might set you back between ₱2,000 to ₱4,500. If you're looking into high-end vapes with advanced features and superior build quality, the price can range from ₱5,000 up to several hundred dollars. It's essential to research and decide on a device that suits both your budget and vaping needs. Discover the premium RELX vape pen, the Infinity 2 Device, offering 3 modes for personalized preferences. Get yours for just ₱1,250.00.


How Much Does Vape Juice Cost?

When it comes to vape juice or e-liquid, the cost also varies. Factors that influence this include brand, nicotine content, quality, and flavor. A standard 1.9ml bottle's price might start as low as ₱200 for generic blends, stretching up to ₱1,500 or more for high-end, specialty concoctions. For those curious about the vape cost in Philippines, it's worth noting that regional pricing can be influenced by factors like import taxes, demand, and local regulations.

At RELX, our premium vape juices, especially the RELX Pod selections, have garnered significant attention and appreciation. Recognizing the trust our customers place in us, we have designed a rewarding loyalty program. For every ₱200 purchase, we award 10 points to the buyer. These accumulated points can be a gateway to enticing discounts. 


Factors That Affect the Vape Price

Factors that may affect the price are quite crucial in understanding the cost of vape. Several reasons can vary when it comes to comparing vape costs in the Philippines vs. other countries.

  • Type of Device: The type of device you choose can significantly impact how much does vape cost.For instance, a basic vape pen could cost less than an advanced box mod or pod system.
  • Brand: However, some branded firms offer high-quality products that can attract a premium price for their gadgets. However, some of the lesser-known brands or generic devices can be cheaper.
  • Features: Basic models tend to be cheaper and do not include sophisticated functions like adjustable wattage or temperature regulation.
  • Where You Buy: Where you buy your vape can also determine the cost thereof. However, some argue that buying online is cheaper because of the low overhead cost when buying in physical stores.
  • Ongoing Costs: Do not overlook recurrent expenses like a replacement coil and e-liquid which are part of vaping. It is essential to recognize that these expenses accumulate and thus they should account for the total vape pen cost.
  • Location: Your living location, for example, could drastically affect the expense of vaping. Such as, unlike many other nations, the vape cost of the Philippines might differ due to taxes and import issues.

By considering these factors, you can get a better idea of how much vape pen cost should you invest in one.


Tips for Saving on Vapes

You may be concerned about vape costs, but here are some ways to save while using these machines. Here are some tips to help you reduce your vaping expenses:

  • Buy in Bulk: Buying vape supplies wholesale is often cheaper than individual buying and thus helps in lowering the cost of opening a vape shop.If you are a regular vaper, some retailers do give you discounts on bulk purchases, thus it is reasonable to consider.
  • Shop Online: Oftentimes, online vape shops can also offer lower prices because of lower overhead expenses. Besides, it will be easy for you to compare prices from various retail outlets to get the best value.
  • Look for Sales and Discounts: There are numerous sales and discounts in vape shops, both online and offline. Look out for such deals that will help you reduce the costs of vaping.
  • Maintain Your Device: By maintaining your device, you increase the chances of having it last longer without breaking down for replacement. This means ensuring regular cleanups of your device and replacement of any part in need.
  • Choose a Cost-Effective Device: Certainly, some of them are cheaper than the rest. In this case, for instance, some of the basic devices like pod systems and vape pens usually incur relatively low recurring costs.
  • DIY E-Liquid: Making your e-liquid could be quite an adventure and also a money-saving opportunity. However, this involves some know-how and expertise that may not be suited for all individuals.


Adhering to these suggestions will significantly help lower the vape pen cost and make it much cheaper. Just keep in mind; finding that balance of price and service that suits you best.



Finally, ‘How much does a vape cost?’ simply has no definitive response for the same question. The price would change due to factors such as the type of device, the manufacturer, what shop one would buy it from, and usage frequency. As such, the selection of affordable vaping units requires some deep thinking and proper purchasing tactics.



Why is vaping expensive?

Vaping can be perceived as expensive due to several factors: the initial investment in a quality vape device, the recurring cost of e-liquids or pods, and the replacement of parts like coils and batteries over time. Additionally, premium brands, advanced technological features, and specialized e-liquid flavors can add to the cost. Furthermore, regulatory taxes and restrictions in certain regions can also increase the price of vaping products. Despite the initial costs, many users find that vaping becomes more economical in the long run compared to other alternatives, especially when they invest in durable equipment and buy supplies in bulk. 

What is the cheapest way to vape?

The most economical approach to vaping involves investing in a reusable and durable vape device and buying e-liquids in bulk or DIYing your own e-juice blends. Instead of regularly purchasing disposable e-cigarettes or pods, opt for devices with refillable tanks and replaceable coils, which can be more cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, taking proper care of your equipment, cleaning it regularly, and understanding basic maintenance can extend its lifespan, thus saving money. Lastly, staying updated with sales, discounts, and bulk deals from reputable suppliers can further reduce costs over time.

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