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Why Is Your Vape Pen Blinking? Here Are 4 Possible Causes

January 28, 2022

It can be easy to panic when your vape pen starts to blink, especially when it happens for the first time. Did you do something wrong? Does it just want some attention? How should you respond? 

The good news, however, is that these blinking lights aren’t really a cause for alarm. They’re just your device’s way of trying to talk to you. And, like a good friend, you should understand what is being said. 

Read on as we help bring to light — pun definitely intended — some of the reasons why vape pens and other similar devices blink.

Your device’s battery is out of power

A user charges his RELX device using the RELX charging case.

Flashing lights can mean that your device needs to be charged.

Modern vape devices such as mods have lights that are programmed to show how much power they have left. If the lights are blinking or flashing, that could be your vape asking for some energy. 

If you’re running on empty, just connect your device to its dedicated charger and wait for it to powered up before using it again. This can be difficult if you’re out and about, because you’ll need to find a wall socket (and you must have the charger with you). 

If you’re using a RELX Infinity device, the Infinity Wireless Charging Case makes these limitations a thing of the past. Just pop your device in the case and it’ll stay fully charged for when you need it next. 

For any brand of vape, though, you may want to have the batteries checked to see if they need replacement should the flashing or blinking persist.

Your device’s pod or tank is out of juice

Another possible reason why your vape’s LEDs are blinking is because there isn’t enough e-juice in its tank or pod. In short, your device is saying that you can’t vape because there’s nothing to turn into vapor. 

To prevent this, make it a point to always check your e-juice levels before using your device. You can do this by visually inspecting the tank to see if it needs to be refilled. Just be careful not to overfill it, or you’ll risk clogging your device.

Your device’s pods or other parts aren’t attached properly

Loose components may also cause your vape device’s LEDs to blink or flash. This problem is more prevalent in open-pod systems, which allow users to go all Tony Stark on their devices, and take them apart for customization. 

You can solve this by disassembling and reassembling your device, making sure that the connections are tight, secure, and in the right places.

You installed the wrong component in your device

Open-pod systems are designed to be customizable in terms of some components. However, it can be easy to add parts that aren’t fully compatible. This can lead to problems such as bad performance, and may even damage devices in the long run. 

To prevent this from happening, you should spend the time to do proper research on which components work with your device, as well as how to properly install them.

Should you be worried about blinking lights?

Two RELX users enjoy their day in a park.

Flashing lights in your device are nothing to worry about.

These blinking lights are simply the device’s way of getting your attention, like a close friend who has something important to tell you. 

Not only that, most of the issues these blinking lights point to are actually easy to fix, regardless of how long you’ve been vaping. 

Of course, you can also choose to side-step the stress that you may encounter with open-pod devices by switching to a closed-pod system like RELX. 

Unlike other devices, RELX’s Infinity and Essential don’t need to be disassembled to give you optimum performance, which means that they offer a hassle-free, Super Smooth vaping experience for everyone.

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