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Beat the Crowds and Shop for Gifts at These Super Smooth Online Shops

January 28, 2022

Going out to buy gifts for friends and family can get pretty stressful at the best of times, because you need to first figure out what they’d like, then actually find a place selling those items. 

This goes double during the holiday season, because you also end up having to contend with crowded stores, stock issues, and long lines just to pay. Let’s not even get into the traffic on the road and having to find parking at the mall. 

If these issues are all too familiar, you’re probably delighted by how online shops and stores have been popping up, giving you the opportunity to research on, look for, and eventually buy gifts without having to leave the comfort of your house. A few clicks or taps are all that stand between you and a gift list with everything crossed out. 

Convenience aside, such stores often have lower prices than their physical counterparts and will even deliver straight to your doorstep or anywhere else you specify. They also have a massive mix of items ranging from the highly functional to the just plain weird, and nearly everything in between. 

We’ve put together a list of some online shops you should check out if you want to exchange the crowds, lines and traffic for a super smooth shopping experience.

The Vape Shop Philippines

Established in 2019, The Vape Shop offers a wide variety of legitimate and authentic products, including leading, top-quality brands like RELX. If you’re looking for the new pods, the latest dual-18650 mods, replacement coils or anything else vape-related, the chances are good that you’ll find them here. 

The shopping experience here is a pleasant one, too. The Vape Shop’s website happens to be one of the most intuitive in the market, and it lets you search and filter by price, popularity, and rating. That makes finding the right gift so much easier. 

If you need a little helping picking out the right stocking-stuffer, there’s even a virtual assistant which can help you narrow down your options. It’s the best of the physical store experience made virtual and super smooth. 


One of the best-known online selling platforms in the country, Lazada is easy to navigate and offers a regular slate of promos and sales — all of which means you can enjoy a super smooth shopping experience. 

Lazada’s algorithm learns from your behavior, so it’ll suggest products similar to those you’ve already looked at. There are so many items available here (from 6-digit bottles of whisky to sticker packs that cost barely P10) that finding the right gifts is nearly a foregone conclusion. 

You’ll also see a lot of items that you’ve never even heard of, much less considered giving to someone else. Even the pickiest person’s wants could be satisfied here. 

Lazada offers a wide variety of payment options, including cashless payments via Gcash, debit and credit cards, and their very own Lazada e-wallet. If you’re a Cash-On-Delivery die-hard, that option is available as well. Big-ticket item? You can choose to pay via installment. 

Convenience, a wide array of products and many ways to pay? Nasa Lazada ‘yan! 


Another of the country’s leading e-commerce websites, Shopee has a substantial selection of items. It is perhaps best for locally made products, including handmade soaps, all-natural shampoos, and arts and crafts, that are hard to find in other online stores. 

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who appreciates the talent of local artisans, you’re most likely to find a good selection of options to delight the discerning receiver here. 

Shopee also hosts an official RELX store, which means that buyers get a seamless and reliable online shopping experience every time they purchase RELX products from here. 

This platform offers many perks to make your experience super smooth, including discount vouchers, free shipping options, and many payment methods.


While it can’t be denied that buying from resellers and other platforms has its perks, nothing beats buying directly from the brands themselves, as is the case with RELX. 

For instance, not only are you assured of the authenticity of the items you’re buying, you’ll also get access to the brand’s full inventory. Furthermore, you get to enjoy exclusive privileges that are not available via other platforms, such as warranties, memberships to brand clubs, and easy refund and return policies. 

On top of all that, the RELX official store also offers budget-friendly and practical ‘starter kits’ that contain the device, charging cable, and pods, all of which are perfectly convenient for the budget-conscious buyer. 

It’s always a good sign when one’s shopping experience is as super smooth as the devices or products you’re buying and, thankfully, RELX’s online platforms and authorized online resellers do not disappoint. 

Ready to fill up your cart? Let’s go shopping!

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