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The Secret to More Flavorful Pulls: Your Vape Battery

April 04, 2022

How much does your vape battery contribute to your vaping experience? The truth is that it does a lot more than just provide power for your puffs. 

When the battery is doing what it's supposed to, it's easy to take for granted. But if its condition deteriorates, you may experience a lot of unpleasant things, especially weird flavors caused by e-juice that isn’t properly vaporized. 

It's a good thing that avoiding all these can be easy, as long as you know how to treat your vape battery right. Just follow these 4 tips and you'll have the flavor experience you deserve.

A battery lies in front of a vape.

Never allow your vape battery to run out completely.

Don’t discharge it until empty

These days, nearly every vape battery is of the lithium-ion type. That means you shouldn't allow it to drain fully before charging it, because doing this will quickly degrade the performance. 

Lithium-ion batteries stay in their best condition when they’re given short top-ups of power, so you should do this to keep your device lasting longer. A severe drain (for example, down to 20%) isn’t likely to cause lasting damage, but remember to avoid making this a habit. 

Some experts actually recommend not charging your battery until full. Keeping it between 30% and 90% is actually said to be the best way.

A cord stays plugged in to a wall socket.

Leaving your vape battery plugged in long can shorten its lifespan.

Don’t leave it plugged in for long

Heat is a big factor when it comes to maintaining the health of your vape battery. Unfortunately, heat also gets generated when you charge that battery, and there isn’t any way to prevent it from happening. 

That’s why you should avoid having the battery plugged in for long. If you’re the type that likes to charge overnight, while you sleep, stop doing that right away. 

Most chargers are intelligent enough to do trickle charging once the battery is full. This means that enough energy is given to the battery to be equal to the discharge rate, which is the natural tendency of a battery to release the power it has stored. 

What this means for you is that your device will always remain at full charge when plugged in. This also means that the battery will constantly be giving off and receiving a charge, so it will always be in use. That’s why, when the battery is full, you should unplug it.

Several purple vape batteries lie on a table.

Don’t keep your vape batteries in spaces that are too hot or too cold. 

Keep it at the right temperature

We mentioned that heat can cause issues for your vape battery, and it isn’t just generated during charging. Leaving your device in a hot place can also make the battery’s health deteriorate over time, especially if you do this a lot. 

However, very cold conditions aren’t good either. In fact, because of the chemical composition of a battery’s internals, you’re likely to end up with a fully discharged battery if you leave it in the cold for a long time. 

Will the battery work if it’s warmed up? It might not, so avoid chilling it. Good thing that it doesn’t usually get that cold in the Philippines, so don’t stick your vape in the refrigerator or freezer and it’ll be fine.

Many vape batteries lie on a table, in a charger and in vapes.

Proper storage allows your batteries to live a little longer.

If storing it for long, charge it until 40%

This last tip makes more sense if you have a removable vape battery, like an 18650 or 21700. If you plan to put it in long-term storage, charge it to 40% and stash it in a cool, and dry place that is away from any direct light. 

Depending on how long it’ll be stored, there’s a chance that you’ll come back to find it completely drained. Still, there’ll be a good chance that the overall health of the battery won’t be compromised, and it’ll work the way it should once it gets charged.

A RELX vape lies in front of its wireless charging case.

Choosing a quality vape can make your experience better. 

Last thoughts

One thing you should keep in mind is that, with today’s technology, batteries (including your vape battery) are considered consumables. In other words, they will eventually stop functioning and will have to be replaced. 

Still, by following these tips, you’ll be able to extend the length of time in which your battery is in good health, and gives you the vaping experience you’re used to getting. 

Another thing to remember: You can make things a little easier for yourself by choosing a vape that makes use of good battery technology, and which is designed to make efficient use of that power. If that sounds good to you, check out the RELX Infinity and Essential lines. 

Models in both lines are designed to give you the best performance with no compromises, and they look great too. Choose one in your favorite color, follow the battery tips you just read and you’ll easily get a Super Smooth flavor experience.

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