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3 Reasons Why RELX Phantom is a Must-Buy Item, According to Reviewers

January 24, 2023

RELX’s commitment to providing vapers with e-cigarette products of the highest level of quality has gained ground. As more people start their #NoSmoke journey, many become fans of RELX. It’s become Asia’s leading e-cigarette brand and constantly uses cutting-edge research and development to create unique, state-of-the-art products. From the Essential to the Artisan device, RELX has another model to add to the line-up — the RELX Phantom. 

Also known as the RELX Infinity Plus, this vape may look similar to the popular RELX Infinity device. But, the fifth-gen vape has a couple of upgrades. Here’s the lowdown and what reviewers say about the new “it” product. 

The Body Upgrade 

An image of RELX Infinity Plus in Rising Tide.

At first glance, the RELX Phantom may be a similar size to RELX Infinity. Both models have smooth, metallic surfaces. If you look closer, there is a small yet significant difference in the Phantom device. You’ll realize that the LED lights have been modified to four horizontal bars stacked on top of one another, unlike the RELX Infinity’s dotted circle. 

Each bar represents 25% of the battery, allowing vapers to see how much power the RELX Phantom 5th gen vape has left more clearly. This thoughtful indicator makes it more convenient for those who are always on the go. “If you’re coming from a RELX Infinity unit, the Infinity Plus is probably a worthy upgrade for the battery indicator alone,” recommended a loyal user.  

The device can also stand on its own, thanks to its flat bottom. You can match the device with your style. Choose your favorite from eight stylish colors: Black Phantom (black), Very Peri (periwinkle), Lunar Dust (silver), Hidden Pearl (white), Solar Burst (orange), Pink Whisper (pink), Rising Tide (blue), and Enchanted Jungle (green). 

The Interior 

An illustration that shows the inside look of RELX Phantom’s battery.

RELX devices are known for having high-tech features. It is no surprise that RELX Phantom blows vapers away with its smooth performance. Despite the clear battery indicator, the new vape is compatible with the RELX Pod and RELX Pod Pro. It also has a Leak-Resistant Maze design to avoid catastrophes in your pockets or bag. The fan-favorite Smart Pace Vibration alert is present in this device. Last but not least, RELX Phantom comes with super-fast charging that allows you to charge from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes.  

The RELX Phantom, aka RELX Infinity Plus, has a 380mAh battery, letting you vape throughout the day. One customer says, “I’ve been a RELX user for a couple of years now, and I must say the biggest, most important need for a RELX user is a longer battery life, which is beautifully addressed by the RELX Infinity Plus device!”  

Another happy vaper mentioned that she bought it as her second RELX gift for her husband, describing the device as “super nice, sleek, and cool,” followed by how much she “loves the battery life and fast charging.” 

The Price 

A man posing with RELX Infinity Plus in Black Phantom.

RELX Phantom is normally priced at ₱1,250 — the same as the RELX Infinity. Lucky for you, there’s an exclusive discount for every RELX Phantom or Infinity Plus purchase. For a limited time, solid color variants of RELX Phantom cost ₱1,000, while the gradient colorways (Pink Whisper, Rising Tide, and Enchanted Jungle) are priced at ₱1,150. Grab yours at the official RELX website, official online flagship stores at Lazada and Shopee, and authorized resellers. 

Need more incentives? One user notes, “RELX has been improving their design generation by generation, so you’re always going to have a smoother and better experience if you keep up with the upgrades.” 

Yes, it’s finally time for an upgraded vape! Free yourself from battery anxiety and get the most out of vaping with the RELX Phantom and its top-tier features.

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