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RELX Not Charging Properly? Here's How to Fix It

December 19, 2022

Your day might be going great, but your mood would turn sour when your RELX couldn’t function because of malfunction. Whether it’s the cable, the pod, or the device itself, there’s always a way to figure out what’s wrong and how to proceed. There could be several ways to remedy the situation. These tips are the top solutions if you’re currently having issues with your RELX not charging properly. 

RELX Not Charging: What’s the Fix?

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The first thing to do is find the root cause of your “RELX not charging” woe. Sometimes it could be due to an old charger. But the reason may be as simple as dirt covering the charging port. Before throwing out your perfectly good RELX device, try out these simple tricks.  

1. Clean your USB-C port 

To be sure that it isn’t the device itself, the first thing to try would be to clean out your USB-C port. There may be remnants of dirt, dust, or lint causing no or little connection between your RELX and charger.  

Even when your device is working just fine, cleaning your device from time to time is recommended to maintain RELX battery life. A microfiber cloth for the body and cotton buds for the internal connectors will go a long way. 

2. Charge using a different cable 

It’s nice to have more than one charger at home. If your device is in order, the charger may be the problem. Does your charger look physically dilapidated? Replace your old one with a new charger. Another possibility could be the power source you’re using to charge your device. Plugging your RELX charger into a different socket will settle this issue.  

3. Cool Down Your Device 

Living in a hot and humid country all year round can affect your RELX. Extreme temperatures can lead to chemical degradation of your vape battery, shortening its lifespan. The best thing you could do for your RELX would be to store it in dry and safe conditions for the day. It’s also suggested to do this in general and have a designated vape pouch or bag to protect it.     

Other common mistakes could be that you’ve been using the wrong charger, fully drained your device battery, left your RELX turned on for long periods, or overcharged the device. The last three are big no-nos. These factors put a strain on the device and consequently diminish its lifespan.  

The RELX Support Team to the Rescue 

If none of the above works for you, don’t sweat it! The RELX Support Team is available 24/7 to help you.  

You can find them on the official RELX website and click the green chat bubble on the right corner of your screen. You’ll be directed to an online consultant. However, if you have a specific question or need further assistance, you’ll find the information you need to email the team by clicking Support and the Contact Us tab.  

RELX devices are generally low-maintenance. Nevertheless, handling your device with care allows you to get the most out of it. If you’re always on the go, you can try using the RELX Infinity Charging Case, which will give you two days’ worth of extra battery. Now you can leave vape issues like RELX not charging in the past.

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