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RELX Infinity vs. Essential: Vape Device Comparison

October 12, 2022

When people consider switching to vaping, one of the common things they end up researching is a comparison of RELX Infinity vs. Essential. That's because both devices are good options for newbie vapers. 

But if you aren’t already a RELX user, you might find the choice a little difficult. What’s the difference between the two? And how do you know which one to pick? 

If that’s the decision you’re facing, you’ve found the right article. Read on for a comprehensive RELX Infinity vs. Essential discussion! 

RELX Infinity 

A silver RELX Infinity vape on a white textured cloth.

When comparing the RELX Infinity vs. Essential, you’ll find the former is one of the company’s more recent products. While it isn’t the latest model, it’s still fitted with great features you’ll find even in newer releases.  

These include the leak-resistant maze, which keeps wayward drops of e-juice from spilling out of the pod. Heavy vapers will be glad to note the pogo pins, which allow the device to be used with specialized wireless charging cases for on-the-go power. 

If you find the looks and design of RELX Infinity attractive, you’re not alone. In fact, it won a Red Dot Award (one of the top 4 international design awards) in 2020. The eight available colorways make it easy to find the one most suited for your preferences. 

Of course, there’s more than just the aesthetics to appreciate. After all, you’ll also get Super Smooth Performance thanks to the Air Boost (a negative pressure airway design) and Active-Steam Pro (constant and balanced atomizing) technologies. 

If you want to manage how much you use this vape, you’ll appreciate the Smart Pace feature, which delivers a vibration alert if you’ve taken 15 puffs in 15 minutes or less. 

The LED lights are another great feature. These tell you the battery status by the color displayed when you puff and are seamlessly incorporated into the aluminum unibody housing. 

Plus, the auto-draw functionality means you won’t have to press any buttons to use it; just put the ergonomic mouthpiece to your lips, and you’re good to go. 

RELX Essential 

A RELX Essential vape against a multicolored background.

As its name hints, the RELX Essential provides a more basic vaping experience. Choosing this device means you’ll get fewer features, although the most important ones are definitely present. 

All nine colorways give you the Super Smooth Performance you can expect from any RELX product because the Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro technologies are present in these models too. The leak-resistant maze also makes an appearance here, as is the ergonomic mouthpiece (since both devices are compatible with the RELX Pod Pro). 

Battery-wise, the Essential has a slightly smaller capacity of 350mAh compared to Infinity's 380mAh. Still, this isn't something that should concern you, as both models have a USB Type-C charging port that allows them to get a full battery quickly. 

You'll be paying a lower price for an Essential model in return for the reduced feature set. That doesn't mean, of course, that it feels any less good in the hand. You'll probably note how lightweight yet sturdy it feels when you hold and use it.   

How to Choose 

Six RELX Essential models against a blue and white background.

When it’s time to pick your winner for the RELX Infinity vs. Essential comparison, you should know that both models are worthy of selection and won't regret your choice. 

Only you can determine if the extra features of the Infinity lineup are worth the slightly higher cost. These enhance usage and are nice to have, but even the basic functionalities can deliver a satisfying vaping experience. 

So, who wins the RELX Infinity vs. Essential comparison? The answer: You do, no matter which one you end up with!

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