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All New RELX Infinity Plus: A Powerful Device for Vapers

December 05, 2022

The RELX Infinity device has been around for two years, and the Red Dot Award winner is still popular among new and old vapers. As a top-selling product of the brand, it might excite vapers to know that a new and improved version is now available for purchase.  

Known as the RELX Phantom abroad, the device is called the RELX Infinity Plus in the Philippines. It’s time to upgrade your old RELX device with the new fifth-gen model. But before adding it to your wishlist, how well do you know about this new product? Here are all the features and information that will convince you to make the switch! 

The RELX Infinity Plus 

A RELX Infinity Plus in Pink Whisper

Looking at the new device, it’s hard not to notice several distinctive features that make this model look more futuristic than its predecessors. In terms of its design, the RELX Infinity Plus has an angular bottom to stand upright and a battery indicator similar to the RELX Artisan device. You get to see how much power is left in your device by looking at the LED indicator. Each bar signifies 25% of battery power, so you can easily know your charge at any time.  

To suit your personality, RELX Infinity Plus comes in 8 colors, ranging from Black Phantom, Hidden Pearl, Very Peri, Lunar Dust, Solar Burst, Pink Whisper, Rising Tide, and Enchanted Jungle. 

The vape is compatible with the RELX Pod and the RELX Pod Pro. The Smart Pace feature vibrates when you’ve smoked 15 puffs in 15 minutes or less. Don’t worry about liquid seepage, as the RELX Infinity Plus is equipped with the Leak-Resistance Maze to ensure your vaping experience stays super smooth. The new device also boasts a longer battery life with its 380mAh battery. What’s cool is its super-charging feature, which allows you to charge 80% in 30 minutes. It’s a total game changer, especially for those with a high-mobility lifestyle. 

Should You Upgrade to RELX Infinity Plus? 

A woman holding a black RELX Infinity Plus.

There are a couple of similarities between the RELX Infinity Plus and the RELX Infinity. Both have long battery lives and are compatible with RELX Pods and RELX Pod Pros. However, the RELX Infinity Plus has a clear battery indicator, which the previous model lacks. Reviewers also claim that the newest model provides a smoother experience.  

The differences may not be so jarring if you’re currently using RELX Infinity. On the other hand, RELX Infinity Plus is a worthy upgrade for those with older models like RELX Essential or RELX Classic.  

Whether you’re ready for an upgrade from your RELX Essential device or want to switch in brand, it’s clear that the RELX Infinity Plus has all the requisites a vaper needs and so much more. Grab yours for ₱1,400 before it runs out of stock!

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