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The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Vape Coils

August 08, 2022

While ceramic vape coils never actually eclipsed all-metal coils in popularity, they’ve had some fans among experienced vapers. Since their first introduction a few years ago, the demand for this porous atomizer head has kept increasing. 

Coils that use this material aren’t easy to find in local vape shops and aren’t as universally compatible as pre-built and DIY metal coils. Still, if it works with your atomizer, you might be tempted to get your hands on one. 

Is it worth it to splurge on ceramic vape coils? We’ve summarized the main pros and cons to help you decide what’s best for your needs. 

The Pros of Ceramic Vape Coils

A vape tank atomizer stands on a table

Ceramic vape coils are more durable because they’re protective against metal oxidation.

Ceramic vape coils are made of metal with ceramic coating, which helps improve their durability. What’s more, the ceramic element prevents dried e-juice from building up. So there won’t be a burnt aftertaste each time you puff. 

Ceramic is very heat-resistant, which is why it’s also used to make coffee mugs and as the inner lining for some frying pans. 

Ceramic coils come in two configurations. The first type — metal coil — is coated with a ceramic layer. It uses a traditional cotton wick. 

In the second type, the entire coil is encased in a ceramic wrapper” that looks like a tube. A wick isn’t required since ceramic is porous, and the e-juice can pass through it to reach the coil. This type is much preferred as it brings more advantages due to the absence of cotton wick. First, the chances of spit back are greatly reduced if not eliminated. Pooled vape juice won’t cause any problem, thanks to the porosity of the ceramic. Second, no more dry hits. 

For both configurations, the ceramic vape coils are pre-built. This means that you won’t need to make your own, and all you have to do is secure them to your atomizer. 

The Cons of Ceramic Vape Coil

A vape tank atomizer with a cloud of vapor.

Compatibility is the main issue with ceramic vape coils.

Perhaps the biggest potential issue with using ceramic vape coils is compatibility. Since these are pre-built, they may not fit on all atomizers — especially the fully enclosed type. 

Availability is another thing to consider. Ceramic coils can be hard to find, and your friendly neighborhood vape shop might not have them in stock. You may end up needing to order online just to get them. 

Ceramic vape coils also use up juice faster than regular metal coils. So expect to need a new bottle sooner than you normally would. 

If you’re a power vaper, you should know that ceramic coils aren’t recommended for extremely low sub-ohm vaping. To suit your vaping style, you should stick to all-metal coils. 

Convenient Alternative

Blue, white, and red RELX vapes lie on an iridescent cloth.

Getting a pod vape lets you skip regular atomizer maintenance.

Don’t have the time or patience to change the ceramic coil or replace the wick regularly? Consider getting a pod vape instead.

The disposable vape pods are built for the plug-and-play kind of vaper. When the pod is empty, toss it in the nearest trashcan and insert a fresh pod. But don’t feel disappointed yet. RELX vape pods use ceramic atomizers to increase durability and flavor consistency, from the first to the last puff.

To get all the advantages of ceramic vape coils, check out RELX Infinity pods with tobacco and menthol flavors.

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