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6 Practical Vape Tips to Make Your Experience Smoother

July 19, 2021


Man sitting on a bench holding a vape device

Achieve a Super Smooth Vape experience by learning how to use your vape device right

Recently switched to vaping and want to achieve comfortable throat hits, best flavors and massive vape clouds? Then this is where our vape tips come in handy, as they can help you have a better vape experience! 

There are several factors as to why you may struggle to have a smooth vape experience in the early days. It all depends on the type of vape device used, airflow and temperature settings, as well as things like wattage control.   

That being said, vaping is particularly favored today as it offers reliability and convenience. Interestingly, these are the very same reasons why many people have made and will be making the switch to vape. Talk about a win-win!   

Here are 6 tips to help you achieve a Super Smooth Vape experience! 

Tip #1: Pick Your Favorite Flavor! 

The main step to a smooth vaping experience is to identify flavors that tickle your fancy. These include beverage, dessert, fruit, menthol and tobacco-based flavors. Masarap ba? Masarap! 

Some of the preferred choices for newly switched vapers include RELX Dark Sparkle, Fresh Red, Garden’s Heart, Sunny Sparkle and Tangy Purple. RELX Menthol Xtra and Rich Tobacco, on the other hand, are the go-to flavors for those who have made the switch to vape.


Tip #2: Get into Position!  

Next, you should learn about the structure of a vape device and how it works before vaping. A vape kit usually consists of two integral components – a vape device and flavored vape pods. The mechanics: the best way to connect pods to a device is to place your fingers on the outer edges of the mouthpiece as it clicks into place.  

Alternatively, a vape pod needs to have a mouthpiece that is designed to perfectly fit your lips. Ergonomically shaped mouthpieces can eliminate air leakage and enable you to enjoy smoother hits when inhaling.  

In addition, you should remember to position your vape device upright when inhaling. Doing so will let the heating atomizers be entirely covered with the e-liquid and release a full-bodied flavor 

On the contrary, tilting a vape device downwards or vaping while you lie down will cause the e-liquid to flow away from the atomizers, thus preventing you from tasting the flavor. Vaping in these positions can also cause spit-backs and leakages. Thankfully, RELX vape devices come with a built-in Leak Resistant Maze, uniquely designed with 11 layers of metallic seals, maze-like traps and silicone layers to minimize leakage. However you should not vape lying down or use the vape when it is inverted.


A woman with her right arm in the air and her left arm holding a RELX vape device behind her head looking into the distance.
Identifying a vaping style that comes naturally to you can help to ease your switch to vaping.

Tip #3: Choose the Vaping Style That is Right for You! 

There are two styles to choose from when it comes to vaping. Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) involves pulling vapor into your mouth and then into your lungs, whereas Direct-to-Lung (DTL) involves directly pulling vapor into your lungs.

Newly switched vapers and those who have just made the switch to vaping should go with the MTL style, which is, as they say, swabe. Using it will come more naturally than he DTL vaping style, which is more suited to experienced vapers.

Tip #4: No Battery, No Problem! 

A fully charged battery is crucial to assure high-quality, full-bodied flavors with every inhale. You should carry a power bank or charging device to ensure optimal battery levels.  

At the same time, be sure to look out for signs that indicate your vape device’s battery is running low. For instance, an LED indicator on the device or a reduced amount of vapor when you take a hit.  

RELX Infinity devices come with a slim-fit charging case that uses a built-in pogo pin to provide hassle-free wireless charging on the go. It also comes with a Dual Charging Feature that includes the use of a USB-C charging port.


A RELX vape device and slim-fit charging case displayed on a magazine with a paperweight, glass of beverage and hourglass.
A full battery is necessary to ensure optimal vape flavor release and bigger vape clouds.

Tip #5: Store it Right! 

Another major step to ensure a Super Smooth Vape experience is to store your vape device properly when not in use. Avoid putting a vape device that has an empty battery in storage for more than two weeks. Instead, fully charge the device’s battery and remove the vape pod before storing it. 

You can also clean the charge contacts and inside the vape device using a dry or slightly moistened cotton bud before storing. Separately, you should ensure that vape pods are kept in a cool, dry place to prevent flavor decay. 

Tip #6: Cop Yourself the World’s Super Smooth Vape Device! 

Apart from taking the steps mentioned above for a smooth vaping experience, you should also look for a vape brand that’s respected and well-known globally for its superior reliability. RELX International prides itself on a commitment towards preventing the use of e-cigarettes by minors or people who are not smokers or vapers through The Guardian Program. 

The program involves close communication with all of RELX’s value chain partners to ensure that products are not designed, marketed, or sold to underage users. The products are also manufactured in one of the largest e-cigarette manufacturing facilities in the world.  

These factories are accredited with the Good Manufacturing Practice certification, which guarantees that every product is manufactured responsibly. Our products also go through a stringent 18-step quality check process to ensure the highest quality.  

In terms of innovation, did you know that the RELX Infinity was also crowned the Red Dot 2020 Award winner? We believe in developing user-centric products with the right balance of aesthetics and an incredible user experience. RELX Infinity and RELX Essential are two products that embody this belief and are the perfect devices to achieve your Super Smooth Vape experience!

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