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10 New and Exciting RELX Flavors to Try

October 07, 2022

If it’s been a while since starting your #nosmoke journey, you must know your favorite RELX flavors like the back of your hand. But there are new flavors in town that might catch your eye, especially if you’re the adventurous type. The new range of flavors could tickle your fancy and transport you to a tropical place at the same time.  

Here’s the lowdown on the new RELX flavors, so you can easily choose your next RELX pod and take the journey to flavor town straight away.  

Fresh Red  

The Fresh Red RELX flavor is exciting due to its surprisingly sweet and juicy blend with subtle hints of mint, giving vapers the ultimate experience. The cooling finish hits just right, not overpowering but enough to refresh your palate. It has a taste close to watermelon, and its sweetness is more understated than sharp.  

Golden Slice  

Any Filipino who picks up this pod for a hit would think, “I’ve tasted this somewhere.” The Golden Slice flavor is reminiscent of the beloved ripe mango. The notes of tropical fruit can be tasted with every puff, making it the ideal flavor for vapers who enjoy vape juice on the sweeter side. 

White Freeze 

A popular preference by RELX vapers, the White Freeze RELX flavor is comparable to having a banana ice popsicle on a hot summer day. Like many other flavors, you’ll be able to taste the mint, but the banana is the true star of the e-liquid. White Freeze will make you feel like you're enjoying a banana split at the seaside.    

Crisp Green  

Sweet and tangy can describe the Crisp Green RELX flavor. Similar to biting into a green apple, your taste buds will crave for more. The sweet-tangy flavor is a pleasant surprise. It’s combined with an icy mint after-sensation as you puff on your RELX device. 

Zesty Sparkle 

The lovely relationship between lemon-lime and mint is what this RELX flavor reveals. Like its name, zesty is definitely a way to describe the pod, but with a refreshing dash of mint. Think mojitos or a lemon-lime soda topped with the herb. This is a must-try if you're not very fond of sweet-tasting e-liquid. 

Garden’s Heart 

Tropical vibes? Definitely. Garden’s Heart is fruity, tangy, and zesty — a delightful fusion. Akin to strawberry gummies, it’s the flavor candy lovers dream of. A flavor unlike any other, you can taste a subtle milky note after each puff. The citrus hints and the overall sweetness make the flavor a go-to for RELX vapers. 

Sunny Sparkle 

What would a Sunday morning taste like? Take a puff out of the Sunny Sparkle pod, and you’ll know the answer. Every puff comes with a fizzy flavor reminiscent of Royal or Fanta. Like orange sodas, it’s a punch of fruitiness packed in a pod. It’s hard to get bored of this RELX flavor. So if you’re into the fizz and are down to try something new, this flavor might be for you.  

Ludou Ice 

Resembling munggo or the mung bean, Ludou Ice is a mixture of earthy and minty flavors. It has become the quintessential flavor of RELX because of its unique taste combination. The inspiration — mung bean — is found in many Filipino savory dishes and desserts, making it a familiar yet interesting taste to Pinoys. It starts as it smells, but then the refreshing flavor of mint hits you as you exhale. 

Dark Sparkle 

The first thing you’ll notice at the first puff is the fizziness of the Dark Sparkle. It resembles a glass of chilled cola. The aroma is sweet but subtle so it won’t bother the people around you. Dark Sparkle is one of the best-selling RELX pod flavors because of its cooling aftertaste. “It tastes like the real thing,” one reviewer says. This can be a safe choice for new vapers! 

Tangy Purple 

The best way to describe this flavor is grape juice with ice. The aroma will remind you of a sophisticated glass of wine. Some reviewers say it is complex, with a hint of sweetness as the top note and a delightful tang at the end. It’s also a bit minty, which suits vapers who want a full-bodied flavor for their vape.  

Get the Best Out of Your RELX Flavor 

Always store your pods in a cool, dry place like a drawer or pouch. Exposing your pods to heat could alter the taste or make the liquid decay faster. Some vapers go to the extent of keeping it in the freezer to preserve the liquid’s freshness and quality. Once you have opened the opening of your RELX pod, it’s best to finish it within 15 days.   

With all these new RELX flavors, why not switch it up and see what happens? All 10 flavors contain 3% nicotine. If you want something stronger, you can opt for the 5% nicotine pods with five flavor selections. Order your RELX pod now!

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