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Learn the Different Types of Vapes

June 23, 2022

There are many types of vapes, each with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re an experienced vaper, someone who’s thinking of switching to vaping, or somewhere in between, knowing these types will help you make the right choices on what to go for. 

Put simply, vapes can be classified into two basic types. However, things get a little more complex when you dig deeper. Ready for the details? Keep reading!

A man activates a full mechanical vape.

Among the many types of vapes, full mechanical mods are simple and durable.

Full Mechanical Vapes

More popularly known as full-mechs, these are undoubtedly the least complex but also most durable of the types of vapes. 

You won’t find any cutting-edge components in such mods. Instead, when you open one up, you’ll find a covered battery compartment with terminals, the connector for the atomizer, and… that’s it. 

Want to adjust the output of a full-mech? You’ll have to tweak the atomizer coil, including how many loops it has. There are no power or any other settings here. 

What do you get in exchange for this barebones approach? Sturdiness that other types of vapes would have a very hard time matching. Since there are much less parts and these connect in a physical rather than electronic way, full-mechs can take a lot of wear and tear without breaking a sweat. 

Design-wise, you’ll typically find such vapes coming in tube and box configurations. As their name suggests, the former usually resemble small metal tubes. They often use a single removable battery, although some have extensions which fit another battery for more power. 

Full-mech box vapes are usually rectangular and fit one or more removable batteries. A rare few come in a squonk design, which have a built-in squeeze bottle that holds and releases vape juice to the atomizer when pressed.

Vape mods with stabilized wood panels stand next to each other.

Regulated vapes give you a lot of control over your vape experience.

Regulated Vapes

Regulated mods are the more high-tech of the different types of vapes. Depending on the specific model, these can allow you to choose the wattage, voltage, or both. 

Certain models that use advanced chipsets have colored screens, and let you customize your vape experience by saving certain profiles. Each profile can contain an output setting, power curve, and more. 

While regulated vapes traditionally required more care than their full-mech counterparts, some models are now available that can be used even in difficult conditions. These have rubber-clad components that reduce shock impact from accidental drops while also increasing the resistance to water intrusion. 

While you can find some regulated vapes in a tube design, the vast majority are box mods. Depending on the model, these take 1 to 3 batteries. It isn’t difficult to find regulated squonk units, too.

RELX vapes in different colors lie on a blue textured surface.

Pod vapes are a specific type of regulated vape mod.

Pod Vapes

One particular subset of the regulated types of vapes are the pod types. These are sometimes called vape pens, because they are usually small and thin, and easily pocketable. 

Compared to full-mech vapes and other regulated types, most pod vapes have prebuilt coils that make usage much more convenient, if slightly less customizable. 

In open pod systems, such coils are available in different resistances to fit individual vaping preferences. There may be a few options for the coil material as well. These coils slot easily into the removable pod, which you need to fill with the juice of your choice. 

Closed pod systems, on the other hand, exchange customization for ease of use. Instead of having to fill a pod with vape juice and replace the coil when it becomes unusable, you’ll be swapping out an entire pod when it’s empty. 

This approach simplifies the whole process and eliminates the potentially messy experience of filling a pod with juice. Changing the pod of a closed system takes literal seconds and can be done easily, even when you’re on the go. 

With those advantages, it’s no wonder that closed system pod vapes have been growing in popularity among people who’ve made the switch to vape. If you’re about to make your own switch, or if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly complement to your full-mech or regulated mod, consider the RELX Infinity and Essential lines. 

These look great, perform consistently, and are quite reliable. Definitely a Super Smooth option for you to consider. 

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